Father's Day 2016

 My kids are so blessed to have such an amazing dad! He works very hard to provide for his family, is always involved, never passive, the most perfect daddy for our three, and most importantly points their hearts to the Lord. We love him so deeply!

Our weekend began by our first hike as a family of five. All the of the kids were such troopers, especially Grace walking the entire 3+ hours! (ice cream at the end is always a big motivator)

The weekend ended with naps, golf watching, mexican food and a lot of snuggles for the dad whose kids truly believe he hung the moon!


I am so fortunate to know the greatest prayer warrior still on this earth, and that is my grandmother, Mema.

I am so blessed to have been able to introduce all three of my children to her. She has prayed diligently for them and I know will continue to until eternity.

Here is the first time she met Grace- 

Here is the first time she met David Michael-

Here is the first time she met Emma-

Theses are moments I will always treasure because I know I can only experience firsts like this once!

Matching Sisters

From the day I found out that we were having another girl, I could not wait to find matching outfits! I love it when sisters match and thankfully for now so does my big girl! 

However, much to my dismay it is much more difficult to find matching clothes for my girls due to the fact that their sizes are so far apart. Grace wears anywhere from 5-7, where as Emma is currently wearing 3 months or 3-6 months. 

BUT... on Saturday I went out and finally found matching outfits!

My prayer is that these two will always love each other!

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend was a really quick and fun weekend! The weekend began with introducing Emma to her great grandmother, Mema. (you can check out that post  here) 

Then we went to go eat lunch with Grandma and Dan. She filled our bellies till they were overflowing! Of course the hit for the kids (aka Michael) was the homemade banana ice cream. 

Then we headed to the lake to spend time with Grandmommy and Papa. While are the lake we enjoyed relaxing, swimming, boating, tubing, catching up with family, and eating. 

Emma slept the weekend away! She had so many people to hold her that she was so content (that is until time to get in the car seat for the drive home). 

The highlight definitely for David Michael was driving Papa's boat. (look how hard he is concentrating!) David Michael did not care for swimming, but boating and vacuuming were definitely top on his list! 

Grace could have stayed in the water the entire time! She thoroughly enjoyed swimming and playing with her Aunts!

We are so excited that summer has arrived!

Emma 2 Months

23.75 inches 89%
12.15 lbs 77%
16 head cir. 95%

- Attentive to voices
-Shows interest in visual and auditory stimuli
-Smiles responsively
- In prone position will hold up chest and head
- Has some head control in upright position
- HATES the hiccups
-Wearing size 2 diapers
-Wearing size 3 month or 3-6 month clothing
-Still eating 5 times during the day (7,10,1,4 & 7) and typically 2-3 times a night
-LOVES watching her big sister sing and dance

David Michael 2 months here.
Grace 2 months here.
Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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