Week 23

Weight: 12 lbs. I know that birthday cake did not help this number at all this week!

My husband is so wonderful and made me a cake straight from a magazine! It was wonderful!
Sleep: This has been about the same. I fall asleep pretty well, but wake up around 1-2 and am up for a couple hours. I think mostly this week is just all I have going on... my god daughter had her 3rd birthday, we welcomed my niece into the world, I had my huge consignment sale (which I buy and sale from), I have a date in court today ( yes it was my fault I side swiped the sweetest elderly couple), my car was getting fixed, it was my birthday, I chipped me tooth and Grace's birthday is on Saturday. So... needless to say I have had a lot on my mind!
Mileage: 8 miles. I was able to run on Saturday for the first time in months without pushing Grace in the stroller! It felt glorious! I could have gone farther, but did not want to pay for it the next day.
Miss Anything: Just being able to rest, but I really do not think that has anything to do with pregnancy.
Cravings: Chic-fil-a! I think I had it 3xs this week!
Looking Forward: Is it too early to say Christmas?!?!

Week 22

 Happy Birthday to me! I am so glad that I am a mommy to these two wonderful children!

Weight: 10 lbs total now. It keeps creeping up on me!
Sleep: Not so good this week. It has been a very long week for me. When it rains, it pours right! There have been nights that I have been so tired, but unable to sleep and others when I could fall asleep in any position, but can't because of things running through my mind or obligations.
Mileage: 8 miles. One of those weeks where I felt like I could do more, but could literally not find the time.
Miss Anything: Feeling like Grace doesn't weigh a ton! I pick her up now and she is soooo heavy! I think it is getting more difficult for me and she is growing like a weed!
Cravings: Nothing this week. Honestly, there were times eating took too much effort.
Looking Forward: For the next couple weeks... We have a lot going on, but it is going to be a lot of fun too!

21 Weeks

Yes I am wearing something different today! Thanks to my wonderful neighbor for giving me some more maternity clothes. More to be seen in the weeks to come! 

Weight: Still holding strong at 9 lbs.
Sleep: As well as could be expected.
Mileage: Another 8 mile week. This week was great though because I had some friends join me on a few runs and that is always more enjoyable!
Miss Anything: Being able to sit down and be comfortable. I know this is a little too early to say this, but there are few positions that are really comfortable or they might be for just a while.
Cravings: Anything cold! It is hot and this momma just wants something cold. Ice will even work!
Looking Forward: To Grace's birthday coming up in a few weeks. Planning has commenced and falling in place. We will have a lot of family in town, which we never get tired of seeing them.

Half Way There!!!

I know I am wearing the same outfit as I wore in my post from 18 Weeks, (I know my sisters will notice) but when you only have a couple pairs of maternity shorts and still wearing the last few regular shirts that fits this is what you get.

Weight: 9 lbs total still. Not any change from last week. Probably because this week none of Grace's Aunts were around so I was left to keeping up with her alone.
Sleep: Being back in my own bed really does help, but I can sit here and complain all day about the back and hip aches, but I will spare you!
Mileage: 7.5 miles. Let me remind you I run all my miles pushing a 30 lb weight... aka Grace. So maybe I should double what I ran since I ran it for both of us? Just Kidding. Wish it was more this week, but a few days of rain put me out of commission. I thoroughly loved the rain though! We (and by we I mean Michael) got some things done around the house which I really wanted done.
Miss Anything: I know it is WAYYYYY to early to be saying this, but I already feel like a whale. I also miss sleeping on my stomach too.
Cravings: Salsa! Publix makes an excellent salsa and I could eat it all day long!
Looking Forward: TOMORROW!!! We find out the sex! I seriously am obsessed. I can not think about anything else. I know everyone is tired of me talking about it, but I can literally not help it! Boy or Girl I will be completely thrilled as long as it is healthy.

For comparison here I am 20 weeks pregnant with Grace. I am definitely a lot bigger with this baby than Grace!