Denver Downs

Saturday we woke up and headed to our local fall attraction... Denver Downs. It is a local farm full of activities for everyone! 

They had so many different things to keep Grace very busy that I could not list them all, but Grace definitely thinks she is a lot bigger and older than she is!

If you have spent anytime with Grace lately you would know that she is very much into trucks, boats, trains and of course tractors! This made her whole day!

Grace thought that all the sad looking flowers needed a hug.

I love spending time with my family! We had the best day getting to spend time together and watch Grace wear herself completely out!

29 Weeks

Weight: 25 lbs
Sleep: I can not really complain for how far along I am, but lets just say it really is not great.
Mileage: 9.5 miles this week. Not to bad for this week, but a lot more walking then running. I am just happy that I can continue to do some kind of exercise.
Miss Anything: Being able to bend over with ease. Even just picking up things at the grocery store is quite a chore. As much as I love it, I am thinking of relinquishing my duties over to Michael.
Cravings: Not much this week. I am seriously running out of room for food. Only small meals from here on out.
Looking Forward: to 11 weeks from now!!! But before then we will be going to the beach and taking Grace for the first time! What could be more fun than that!?!?

28 Weeks

Weight: 23 lbs.
Sleep: I think my days of good sleep are over. I wake up multiple times a night, usually drink an entire bottle of water at night, check my computer, readjust the pillows etc... until I finally do fall back to sleep.
Mileage: 8 miles. Still running by adding in a lot more walk breaks!
Miss Anything: Fitting places... I even pulled into a parking space only to find out that I could not fit out of the car. So I just left not to return.
Cravings: Fruit! All fruit is so cold and I love it.
Looking Forward: To the beach trip in a few weeks! Grace's first time seeing the beach. I can not wait to see it through her eyes!

Here is a 28 week picture with Grace.

27 Weeks

Sorry no picture this week. Time is flying by too fast!

Weight: 22 lbs. I am trying to slow it down, but that does not seem to be happening...
Sleep: I just have to say "ok" for this week. I keep waking up really early. I should just get out of bed and get somethings done, but I am afraid of waking the little one and then I would get nothing done and not rest..
Mileage: 5 miles. I know I blew it this week. I hurt my hip this week and it literally hurt to just walk. So I took it easy and went to the chiropractor and am hoping to get more in this week.
Miss Anything: Feeling like myself. Enough said.
Cravings: Anything but water. I drink a lot of water and usually do not mind the taste, but lately I am REALLY tired of water!
Looking Forward: Our vacation in 4 weeks where we are going to take Grace to the beach for the first time!!!

26 Weeks

Weight: 20 lbs. I wish this number would hold still for a while, but that would probably mean I will have to stop eating so much ice cream!
Sleep: This week Michael was having a difficult time sleeping and just had his hand on my belly and he said David Michael was having a dance party in there he was moving so much. Michael could not understand how I was sleeping through all that, but when you chase around a two year old all day and keep a house up you can sleep through about anything.
Mileage: 13 miles. I was proud of myself this week I did a lot more exercising, but I have to admit there were A LOT of walk break in those 13 miles, so not all of them are running miles.
Miss Anything: Being able to be comfortable to bend over. My wonderful husband even painted my toenails for me, because for the next 15 weeks I will not longer be able to do that.
Cravings: Anything cold! Watermelon, Salad, Fruit, and Milkshakes!
Looking Forward: I have another doctors appointment tomorrow. I always love going and hearing about our little boy!

25 Weeks

 This picture was taken up in Hendersonville after hanging out at the Apple Festival. We desperately needed to cool off!

Weight: 18 lbs. Rapidly increasing on the scale, and it shows in the belly! It really seems like it just popped out this week! I am now completely wearing all maternity clothes (minus a few pairs of running shorts - elastic waistband do wonders)
Sleep: Hips are still hurting, but I am so tired lately I have been able to get in some good sleep. I get my best sleep up until midnight, so I try to go to bed as early as possible to get some good sleep.
Mileage: 2 miles. Not my best week. Have a lot going on and not much of an opportunity to run.
Miss Anything: Just being comfortable. Those days are over, at least for the next 15 weeks.
Cravings: Really salad this week and anything that is cold.
Looking Forward: Christmas! Enough said.

More on Grace's Birthday...

As I said in my last post, Grace is obsessed with "hop hops" aka rabbits, especially Peter Rabbit. We read "hop hop" books before bed, we watch "hop hop" on the tv, we draw "hop hops". So it was kind of a no brainer when I decided the theme for birthday #2.

I stole the bunny garland idea from here. I just printed off the template, cut out the bunnies on colorful cardstock paper, glued cotton balls and strung them together. They are still hanging in our kitchen because Grace likes to point them out every day and it makes it smile.

 I made these little bunny cups which I think the kids thought were pretty cute, but really impracticable. Also another pinterest idea found here. I also made the silverware into carrots, but I do not think I took a picture of them, but you can find them on pinterest here.

As far as the menu:

Bunny tails (jumbo marshmellows)


Peter Rabbit Pouches (can be found at Publix)

 Carrots and Ranch (can a Peter Rabbit be complete without carrots?!?!)

 Blueberries and Strawberries

Carrot Cake ( recipe here, I just eliminated the nuts for allergy reasons)

Bunny cheese crackers

For lunch:

Hot dogs, grilled chicken, baked beans, pasta salad, chili, slaw, chips, sweet tea, juice and plenty of water.

I do not claim to be creative, but I sure can search pinterest well. I really just love making birthdays something special. Hope this will help you with some of your future parties.