Happy Easter!

He is not dead! He is risen! Just as He Said!

We had a wonderful weekend filled with Joy and family.

Saturday we had the opportunity of driving to my brother and sister-in-law's house in Troutman, NC. We cooked out and caught up with the entire family. (except Margaret Cross- we missed you)

My sister-in-law's brother and his wife, Thomas and Kathryn, recently added a new member to the family and we were overjoyed to meet Lemi! Grace loved playing with him and can not wait to see him again!

Sunday was spent with our little family going to church, eating an excellent lunch, an easter egg hunt and lots of time relaxing and soaking up the vitamin D.

Most of all we are so thankful and grateful that HE is NOT dead, but alive and we will be able to spend eternity with HIM!

Weekend Update

This past weekend was actually relaxing and fun. Saturday morning we went yardsaling as a family. Which we have never done before, but was a lot of fun, even though we did not buy anything. Going to yard sales is easy when you have a toddler in the house who wants to wake up at 5 am!

After a family run, we headed back to the house to cool off.

Grace LOVES water! She could have stayed in the pool the entire day if we let her!

Saturday night we had some very special people come to visit. They came up to celebrate Michael's 31st birthday. The evening was filled with good food, an excellent cake, great company, laughs, a fire and a wonderful birthday party!

These truly are the days of our lives!

Grace's First Easter Basket

Last year since Grace really did not know what was going on I did not put together an Easter basket for her. This year I could not wait to get her, her very own personalized basket and fill it up!

Basket   Book   

Now I know it is not much. Lets be real... everything in there except for the book was a dollar (thank the Lord for the Target $1 section!) But it is the thought that counts and she will love it all!

Our Last Two Weekends

The last two weekends we have been fortunate enough to have family in town!

Last weekend Grace's Aunt Margaret came in town and Grace was so happy to see her!

We were able to get a lot of running, playing and outside time. 

We found a new park to explore. 

Then this weekend Grandma came to visit. It is always nice to layback and relax. Grandma and Grace baked a cake on Friday for Michael's upcoming birthday.

Grace loves being in the kitchen, especially when there is food to eat!

After eating all of the cake, Grace needed to play outside and help her daddy cut the grass.

Then Grandma and Grace got some a lot time, so mommy and daddy got to go on a much needed date! (last date was October)

We absolutely love to have family in town and covet the time we get to spend with them. 

Bye-Bye Paci

Two week without paci complete. 

We have been reluctantly putting off taking away Grace's paci for months. I was really the reason why she still had her paci. We just had such a great system and routine. She never cried to fall asleep, she was a trooper when we traveled and I did not want to rock the boat. 

We waited until we knew we were not traveling for a while and a Friday night wide open. Michael and I put her down that first night, rented a movie and popped the popcorn and set in for a long night. To our surprise it was effortless. The next few nights were really easy minus the early mornings. Grace usually would find her paci in the early morning and sooth herself back to sleep. We have had some early mornings, (4am to be exact) but for the most part I am glad we finally pulled the plug. (yes pun intended!)

In the beginning Grace did not want to take the paci. We pretty much just held it in her mouth for a couple months to help her fall asleep. 

Then we found "the" paci that she liked. Then Grace not only took a paci, but LOVED her paci. She would have it in her mouth ALL the time if I would let her.

Then around 13 months we took the paci away and told her it had to stay in her crib until bedtime. This worked for a while and almost immediately after putting it in her mouth she would fall asleep. This worked beautifully for me! Until... she would sneak it out of her crib and hide it from me. Thats when I knew it had to go!

The Fence is Complete!

Our beautiful fence is finally complete! We (Michael) finished it Saturday night!

And this is how Grace feels about it... Just Kidding! 

We are overjoyed with how it turned out! I think it is very nice looking. Doesn't distract you or cut us off and matches well with the style we are going for. (rustic)

Addis has already spent a lot of hours in her new "room". 

We are so happy that today is the first day of spring and we are loving the weather that came along! 

(you can read more about our fence here and here)

It's The Little Things

For Valentines Day I bought Grace her very own chair.  Well when the chair came in the mail immediately the box the chair came in was the hit. This box is now a permanent fixture in my living room.

We have colored and decorated this box until it is really going to just collapse soon. 

As badly as I want this box to be in the trash (and I really do!) it has orchestrated hours and hours of family playtime with Grace. Which is something I would not trade for the world!