32 Weeks

The Braxton Hicks have been in full swing lately. They actually started about 24 weeks, but have grown in intensity lately. Which means for me mentally I am just getting that much more ready! Went to the doctor this morning and found out that David Michael is head down!

Weight: 24 lbs. This is the same as two weeks ago. I am really trying to watch what I eat, but I seem to be pretty hungry lately.
Sleep: Sleep has been vary sparse lately. Mostly because of Grace... She is now officially in a big girl bed. Which means we get up a lot of night and do not have as much down time in the evening because we are making her stay in her bed.
Mileage: 7 miles. Getting back into the swing of things after vacation. Feels good to back into a routine, but I sure do miss sitting on the beach!
Miss Anything: Being comfortable. I long to be comfortable again! Just to lay down and be comfortable. Now even laying down something hurts, or I have heartburn, or I can not breath.
Cravings: Still anything cold. I really do want a turkey sandwich too, but I will wait till he is born.
Looking Forward: David Micheal's arrival! I can now see it in the forefront!

Grace's First Beach Trip

This past week we took Grace to the beach for the first time. We had been wanting to take her for quite sometime. Finally we found a good deal at an awesome place. We spent three nights at Myrtle Beach as a family. This trip was a long time coming and we desperately needed some time to refresh and regroup as a family before David Michael arrives!

Nothing scares this girl! She is fearless of the water, waves, slides, pretty much everything. However, she LOVED all the sand and wanted to play and roll in it all day. Grace's daddy made her castles, a HUGE hole to slide into and various sand creations to play in.

The hotel we stayed at had two water slides and a kiddie pool that Grace could not get enough of. I was nervous at first about the water slides, but with help from her daddy she safely made it up and down more times than I can count!

These are memories I will treasure for a lifetime. I can not believe my little baby is growing so quickly. I love her more than words can say and cherish these times. She truly does make me a better and much more happy person.

31 Weeks

It blows my mind that we are now down to single digits! Only 9 more weeks! In my mind I am mentally preparing myself for less than 9 weeks. If he follows in his sister's footsteps than we only have 7 more weeks!!! (I guess I need to start getting things together)

Weight: On vacation and could care less this week. Just laying around and enjoying some much needed rest time.
Sleep: Well it has been as good as expected. I can fall asleep really early, but then wake up with my hips hurting pretty bad. Because Grace decided she now knows how to climb out of the pack n play I have been going to bed with her to help her stay in bed and fall asleep. Which means I have been falling asleep around 8pm. In turn I wake up for good around 5 and am up for good.
Mileage: Vacation. I am clueless how many miles, but I do know we have been doing a lot of walking.
Miss Anything: Being able to run. This weather has been amazing and that is one thing I love about vacation is being able to run whatever time of the day.
Cravings: Really anything cold. I have been so hot and feel like I can not get cooled off.
Looking Forward: to the rest of the week spending it with my family! It is so nice to finally have sometime where we can focus completely on each other and not think about any other commitments.

30 Weeks

Well the wedding rings are officially off till David Michael arrives. The swelling has begun.

Weight: 24 lbs. Went down a lb this week, but I think it is just because I have been really busy and have not had much time to rest or sit down for that matter. I also think I am gaining some water weight because the swelling is now occurring more frequently.
Sleep: My hips just ache so bad at night that it is becoming difficult to sleep. Of course all I want to do is lay down, but then I am pain...
Mileage: 9 miles. Trying to keep going. I definitively feel better the days I exercise, but more tired.
Miss Anything: I definitely miss running these cooler mornings. I love Fall. It is my favorite season and especially to run. Mornings like these make me feel as if I could run for days.
Cravings: Salad has been the theme this week. Crunchy, crisp loaded salads!
Looking Forward: to leaving Friday to visit family and head to the beach! Hopefully this will be a relaxing and family strengthened trip. I am so looking forward to having some hubby and my little girl time! 

Denver Downs

Saturday we woke up and headed to our local fall attraction... Denver Downs. It is a local farm full of activities for everyone! 

They had so many different things to keep Grace very busy that I could not list them all, but Grace definitely thinks she is a lot bigger and older than she is!

If you have spent anytime with Grace lately you would know that she is very much into trucks, boats, trains and of course tractors! This made her whole day!

Grace thought that all the sad looking flowers needed a hug.

I love spending time with my family! We had the best day getting to spend time together and watch Grace wear herself completely out!

29 Weeks

Weight: 25 lbs
Sleep: I can not really complain for how far along I am, but lets just say it really is not great.
Mileage: 9.5 miles this week. Not to bad for this week, but a lot more walking then running. I am just happy that I can continue to do some kind of exercise.
Miss Anything: Being able to bend over with ease. Even just picking up things at the grocery store is quite a chore. As much as I love it, I am thinking of relinquishing my duties over to Michael.
Cravings: Not much this week. I am seriously running out of room for food. Only small meals from here on out.
Looking Forward: to 11 weeks from now!!! But before then we will be going to the beach and taking Grace for the first time! What could be more fun than that!?!?

28 Weeks

Weight: 23 lbs.
Sleep: I think my days of good sleep are over. I wake up multiple times a night, usually drink an entire bottle of water at night, check my computer, readjust the pillows etc... until I finally do fall back to sleep.
Mileage: 8 miles. Still running by adding in a lot more walk breaks!
Miss Anything: Fitting places... I even pulled into a parking space only to find out that I could not fit out of the car. So I just left not to return.
Cravings: Fruit! All fruit is so cold and I love it.
Looking Forward: To the beach trip in a few weeks! Grace's first time seeing the beach. I can not wait to see it through her eyes!

Here is a 28 week picture with Grace.