More on Grace's Birthday...

As I said in my last post, Grace is obsessed with "hop hops" aka rabbits, especially Peter Rabbit. We read "hop hop" books before bed, we watch "hop hop" on the tv, we draw "hop hops". So it was kind of a no brainer when I decided the theme for birthday #2.

I stole the bunny garland idea from here. I just printed off the template, cut out the bunnies on colorful cardstock paper, glued cotton balls and strung them together. They are still hanging in our kitchen because Grace likes to point them out every day and it makes it smile.

 I made these little bunny cups which I think the kids thought were pretty cute, but really impracticable. Also another pinterest idea found here. I also made the silverware into carrots, but I do not think I took a picture of them, but you can find them on pinterest here.

As far as the menu:

Bunny tails (jumbo marshmellows)


Peter Rabbit Pouches (can be found at Publix)

 Carrots and Ranch (can a Peter Rabbit be complete without carrots?!?!)

 Blueberries and Strawberries

Carrot Cake ( recipe here, I just eliminated the nuts for allergy reasons)

Bunny cheese crackers

For lunch:

Hot dogs, grilled chicken, baked beans, pasta salad, chili, slaw, chips, sweet tea, juice and plenty of water.

I do not claim to be creative, but I sure can search pinterest well. I really just love making birthdays something special. Hope this will help you with some of your future parties.

Grace's 2nd Birthday Party

So hard to believe our sweet baby girl turned TWO this past weekend! We had the best time celebrating our little girl with our friends & family. We kept asking her all morning, "how old are you today!?" and she would say "two!" and hold out her hand. Instead of saying "Happy Birthday" she would just say "to you"! I love that little girl!

Grace is crazy about "hop hops". AKA Peter Rabbit. So I just ran with the whole Peter Rabbit theme.

 More to come on all the party details... Stay tuned.

Grace, we love you more than words can say. You are the sweetest, silliest little girl around. You amaze us every day, and although we would love for time to stand still so we can keep you this little forever, we can't wait to see what's in store for you as you grow up. 
You are our pride and joy!
Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

24 Weeks

Weight: 14 lbs. Rapidly growing!
Sleep: With Grace's birthday party this week and a lot of family in I slept so well because I was completely exhausted when my head hit the pillow. I am still recovering, but at least I sleep well this way!
Mileage: 8 miles. I guess this is going to be my average.
Miss Anything: Being able to bend over easily. Grace likes to "drop" things out of the grocery cart, which gets really old really fast bending over and over!
Cravings: I can not say that I have had any cravings, but I am getting really tired of just drinking water. What I would do for a diet sunkist!
Looking Forward: Still looking forward to December! It can not come soon enough.

Week 23

Weight: 12 lbs. I know that birthday cake did not help this number at all this week!

My husband is so wonderful and made me a cake straight from a magazine! It was wonderful!
Sleep: This has been about the same. I fall asleep pretty well, but wake up around 1-2 and am up for a couple hours. I think mostly this week is just all I have going on... my god daughter had her 3rd birthday, we welcomed my niece into the world, I had my huge consignment sale (which I buy and sale from), I have a date in court today ( yes it was my fault I side swiped the sweetest elderly couple), my car was getting fixed, it was my birthday, I chipped me tooth and Grace's birthday is on Saturday. So... needless to say I have had a lot on my mind!
Mileage: 8 miles. I was able to run on Saturday for the first time in months without pushing Grace in the stroller! It felt glorious! I could have gone farther, but did not want to pay for it the next day.
Miss Anything: Just being able to rest, but I really do not think that has anything to do with pregnancy.
Cravings: Chic-fil-a! I think I had it 3xs this week!
Looking Forward: Is it too early to say Christmas?!?!

Week 22

 Happy Birthday to me! I am so glad that I am a mommy to these two wonderful children!

Weight: 10 lbs total now. It keeps creeping up on me!
Sleep: Not so good this week. It has been a very long week for me. When it rains, it pours right! There have been nights that I have been so tired, but unable to sleep and others when I could fall asleep in any position, but can't because of things running through my mind or obligations.
Mileage: 8 miles. One of those weeks where I felt like I could do more, but could literally not find the time.
Miss Anything: Feeling like Grace doesn't weigh a ton! I pick her up now and she is soooo heavy! I think it is getting more difficult for me and she is growing like a weed!
Cravings: Nothing this week. Honestly, there were times eating took too much effort.
Looking Forward: For the next couple weeks... We have a lot going on, but it is going to be a lot of fun too!