21 Weeks

Emma and I have officially made it over half way! Man how time flies! Already dreaming of holding my little girl! Today is also David Micheal's official first birthday! Can not believe last year at this time we were in the hospital and now we are waiting to do it again!

Weight: +4.5 pounds! Finally heading in the right direction. I might regret saying this in a few weeks!
Sleep: Not so good this week. Michael was out of town four nights this week and I sleep terrible while he is gone. Thankful to have Michael back with us today!
Miss Anything: This week we all just missed Michael being gone!
Craving: Thanksgiving meal today! Especially the stuffing and gravy!
Looking Forward: to a family filled day! And the excuse to eat for two!

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20 Weeks

 TODAY IS THE DAY!!! What will our little tiebreaker be!?!? Most importantly I want to make sure we have a healthy little baby. Which this appointment always makes me a little nervous, but I can't wait!!

Weight: +2.5 lbs
Sleep: Not so good this week. Came down with a cold and had a difficult time breathing being so congested. Also David Michael and Michael were also sick which means no one slept.
Miss Anything: Sleeping on my stomach! When I don't feel good I just want to lay on my stomach and sleep!
Craving: Chic-fil-a chicken minis!!!
Looking Forward: to finding out what our little one will be today!!!!!

19 Weeks

Well it is hard to believe that I am five months pregnant. Where has the time gone! This baby will be here before we know it! But most of all a week from today we find out if this little one will be a boy or a girl!?!?! 

Weight: -1 lb.
Sleep: It is actually improving. I still have a bad night, then a good night. However, I can not complain. I will take as much sleep as I can get!
Miss Anything: Right now just all my cute fall clothes. And maybe some sushi!
Cravings: Really not much of anything in particular. But I did break into Grace's Halloween candy (Don't tell her).
Looking Forward: To Finding out our little tiebreaker next week!!!

18 Weeks

Two weeks from today we get to find out the gender of our little tie breaker! I can not wait! (Of course then I get to start dreaming of paint colors for the nursery!) Grace has been asking often if she is going to have a baby brother or a baby sister, I can not wait to tell her! 

Weight: -1 lb

Sleep: Finally the last couple nights have been soooo much better! I really don't know what I have done different, but I sure hope to keep it up!
Miss Anything: I can't really say I miss anything this week. I am just so excited for our family to become a family of FIVE!
Cravings: I would love a sandwich with sliced sandwich meat on it!
Looking Forward: To two weeks from today of course!

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17 Weeks

4 Months down! Where has the time gone! Quickly we are making our way to delivery day! I went to the doctor today and found out that the placenta in anterior, meaning it is between me and the baby. This means I won't be able to feel the baby move as much until it gets stronger and bigger. This is a relief to men because I can count on one hand how many times I have felt it, which definitely makes this momma a little worried! But I was able to hear the heartbeat and that always makes me feel so much better and thankful! We are already so in love with this little one!

Weight: -2 lbs.
Sleep: This week was horrible! I would sleep for about two hours and then be up for four! But I haven't been over tired? I even woke up one night and wrote a paper for school!
Missing Anything: I miss sleeping soundly all night! I hope that will come to an end soon. I haven't been exercising like a should. I hope to start exercising more and I am sure that will help.
Cravings: I think I ate more yogurt this week than I have in a long time!
Looking forward: To finding out the gender on the 19th!! 

16 Weeks

I can not believe that we have almost hit the 4 month mark! Where has the time gone! Right now the weeks are flying by! 
I felt the baby kick once this week. It was very obvious what it was! Can't wait to see our little one move all the time!

Weight: -2 lbs. These kids keep me moving and on the go!
Sleep: This week was a little rough just because David Michael cut THREE teeth! Poor little guy kept waking up in the middle of the night and early in the morning.
Miss Anything: Mexican cheese. Michael went with some guys to eat Mexican food because he knows I can't.
Cravings: Really not much. Just water. I drink so much water!
Looking forward: to my doctor's appointment next week! I always love hearing the little heartbeat and know that everything is OK.

Check out David Michael at 16 weeks.
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