21 Weeks

Yes I am wearing something different today! Thanks to my wonderful neighbor for giving me some more maternity clothes. More to be seen in the weeks to come! 

Weight: Still holding strong at 9 lbs.
Sleep: As well as could be expected.
Mileage: Another 8 mile week. This week was great though because I had some friends join me on a few runs and that is always more enjoyable!
Miss Anything: Being able to sit down and be comfortable. I know this is a little too early to say this, but there are few positions that are really comfortable or they might be for just a while.
Cravings: Anything cold! It is hot and this momma just wants something cold. Ice will even work!
Looking Forward: To Grace's birthday coming up in a few weeks. Planning has commenced and falling in place. We will have a lot of family in town, which we never get tired of seeing them.

Half Way There!!!

I know I am wearing the same outfit as I wore in my post from 18 Weeks, (I know my sisters will notice) but when you only have a couple pairs of maternity shorts and still wearing the last few regular shirts that fits this is what you get.

Weight: 9 lbs total still. Not any change from last week. Probably because this week none of Grace's Aunts were around so I was left to keeping up with her alone.
Sleep: Being back in my own bed really does help, but I can sit here and complain all day about the back and hip aches, but I will spare you!
Mileage: 7.5 miles. Let me remind you I run all my miles pushing a 30 lb weight... aka Grace. So maybe I should double what I ran since I ran it for both of us? Just Kidding. Wish it was more this week, but a few days of rain put me out of commission. I thoroughly loved the rain though! We (and by we I mean Michael) got some things done around the house which I really wanted done.
Miss Anything: I know it is WAYYYYY to early to be saying this, but I already feel like a whale. I also miss sleeping on my stomach too.
Cravings: Salsa! Publix makes an excellent salsa and I could eat it all day long!
Looking Forward: TOMORROW!!! We find out the sex! I seriously am obsessed. I can not think about anything else. I know everyone is tired of me talking about it, but I can literally not help it! Boy or Girl I will be completely thrilled as long as it is healthy.

For comparison here I am 20 weeks pregnant with Grace. I am definitely a lot bigger with this baby than Grace!

Summer Vacation

The week of the fourth we took a much needed family vacation. It had been a long time since we have had that long without a schedule. We desperately needed a time to be a family and relax. The first few days of our trip included spending time with the Great Grandparents.

Michael and I are very blessed to still have our Grandparents. My Grandmother, Mema, is 93 and still going strong. She loves spending time with her Great Granddaughter, Grace. She was her only great granddaughter until last week, one of my cousins, Laura, introduced little Emma.

Michael's grandfather is still such a hard worker and also keeps us busy while we are there! 

We have such an awesome Godly legacy to follow in both of our Grandparents.

The remainder of the week was spent by the Lake. I was a little nervous how Grace would do near the water. Don't get me wrong she loves the water, but I was afraid of her escaping down to the water without her float, but she never did and always wanted someone with her. Grace literally spent 5+ hours IN the water EVERYDAY. She is part fish. 

It was so refreshing to reconnect as a family. 

 It was so nice to have some of Grace's Aunts around to spend time with and to help this momma.

Grace really did NOT want to leave! (And neither did I!)

19 Weeks

This week just flew by! I hope the next few weeks do the same! Now just one week till we find out if this baby is a boy or girl!! I can not wait!

Sorry no picture this week. I just could not get it together long enough to take a picture.

Weight: 9 lbs total. I hate seeing the scale going up, but it just reminds me that we are getting closer to having a baby!
Sleep: Sleep has been going pretty well, but I just can not get enough. It would be a dream come true if Grace would just sleep past 7.
Mileage: 7 miles. Not exactly the kind of running I wanted to get in this week, but something is better than nothing. Right?
Miss Anything: I will have to say my regular clothes. I am getting down to a few items that still fit; which means I feel like I am wearing the same clothes over and over again. Which also means I am doing laundry every day.
Cravings: I can actually say that I have had some cravings lately. I have been craving subway (with Mayo- which I hate mayo???) for lunch and pizza for dinner. This occurs about everyday. And yes we have had a lot of both this week!
Looking Forward: To finding out the sex next week!!! It can not come soon enough! We are planning on going to the doctor as a family of 4. I am excited about Grace being able to see her little sibling.

July 4th Watermelon Run

On July 4th we ran the Watermelon 4 miler. This has become a family tradition. Three of my sisters, Michael, Grace and I all ran up Morrow Mt. and back down. (If you want to check out last years race look here.)

 I love this family tradition. We get some good exercise in and then get to enjoy and relax the remainder of the day.

 Post run picture. We all survived and are still smiling! Watermelon in hand.

This little cutie is such a great running companion and especially loved her daddy pushing her!

18 Weeks

Weight: 5 lbs. Yep that is what vacation will do to you! I knew it was coming sometime. It is always is hard for me to see that scale going up, but exciting to know our little one is growing!
Sleep: Sleep has finally gotten more difficult. I knew it was coming eventually, but this week the hip pain finally began. I am only comfortable if I rotate from one side to the other and fairly often. I thought  getting up in the middle of the night to pee was bad, but this is much worse. I would rather get up and fall right back to sleep than trying to sleep and not be able.
Milage: 8 miles. This week was rough getting back into the routine of things, but hopefully next week will be much better.
Miss Anything: Can I say hot dogs again?!?! 4th of July without a hot dog was hard.
Cravings: Nothing really. I really want to put something down here, but I am racking my brain to think of what I would like right now and the only thing that comes to mind is anything cold.
Looking Forward: 12 days and counting till we find out the sex!!! I am so ready. I am a planner and can not wait to let the planning commence. I will either be bringing down stuff from the attic and throwing it in the washer or begging for hand-me-downs.

For comparison here I am 18 weeks pregnant with Grace.

Things I Am Using This Time Around...

Last pregnancy I was fortunate enough to borrow ALL of my maternity clothes, this time I am trying to piece together the few items I purchased and some of my regular clothes. Here are a few clothing items I bought and love:

  • Leggings: I actually bought these to wear while pregnant or not. I figured why not buy one pair instead of two. These leggings are so comfortable and soft. They are thick enough too so they do not show your underwear underneath. 
  • Shorts: I don't know what it is about maternity shorts, but they all are so long! I hate long shorts because my legs are already short, long shorts just make me look frumpy. These shorts are so comfortable and look nice. I am sure I wear them about everyday!
I was so diligent during my pregnancy with Grace to apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter day and night. Sadly the last few weeks before Grace arrived the stretch marks appeared. So this time around I  did a little bit more research and am forking out the money for Mustela Stretch Mark Cream. I am crossing my fingers that this works!

What are some things you could have not made it without? I would love some suggestions! 

( Of course I have to have this little one!)

17 Weeks

This week is VACATION!!! Let me tell you this has been a long time coming. And I have to say, me and this baby really needed this time to rest and get off of our routine.

Weight: I have no idea it is vacation and I do not care! Bring on the ice cream!
Sleep: This has been ok. My hips started hurting this week which means I have to toss back and forth. I hope this is just because I am not in my own bed, because if this lasts from here on out I am in trouble!
Milage: 6 miles. Obviously you can tell it is vacation. Taking a much needed break.
Miss Anything: Just being able to sleep in on vacation. That doesn't happen with a toddler.
Cravings: All of our yummy tomatoes from the garden.
Looking Forward: To more movement. I have been feelings some kicks now and again. I can not wait till they are more consistent!

 Here is a little comparison to 17 weeks pregnant with Grace.

Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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