Summer Vacation

The week of the fourth we took a much needed family vacation. It had been a long time since we have had that long without a schedule. We desperately needed a time to be a family and relax. The first few days of our trip included spending time with the Great Grandparents.

Michael and I are very blessed to still have our Grandparents. My Grandmother, Mema, is 93 and still going strong. She loves spending time with her Great Granddaughter, Grace. She was her only great granddaughter until last week, one of my cousins, Laura, introduced little Emma.

Michael's grandfather is still such a hard worker and also keeps us busy while we are there! 

We have such an awesome Godly legacy to follow in both of our Grandparents.

The remainder of the week was spent by the Lake. I was a little nervous how Grace would do near the water. Don't get me wrong she loves the water, but I was afraid of her escaping down to the water without her float, but she never did and always wanted someone with her. Grace literally spent 5+ hours IN the water EVERYDAY. She is part fish. 

It was so refreshing to reconnect as a family. 

 It was so nice to have some of Grace's Aunts around to spend time with and to help this momma.

Grace really did NOT want to leave! (And neither did I!)


  1. Looks like an awesome time! Nothing makes you feel better than being around family!


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