Week 2

Grace had several visitors this week come to see her. First she had her mom's long time friend Suzanne and her sweet family come visit. 

Her uncle Elliott came to visit too from Boone. 

Then the McKenzie side of the family were able to come and spend the whole weekend and help out the new parents.

Even as early has the second week of little Grace's life we can already see a personality arising. 

What do you think? It is a tough life being a baby. 
Now I am not the best photographer, but I did not want time to pass by and not get some precious pictures at this age, so here are a few I took.

First Week

Thankfully my wonderful mother was able to come and stay with us. She did so much! I do not know what I would have done without her! She did laundry everyday, cleaned, cooked and changed a lot of diapers. Unfortunately Grace broke my tailbone during delivery so everything is difficult for me. I can not sit without a donut pillow and even then it is extremely painful. Which made it even more wonderful that my mom was able to come. I cried when my dad came to take her way.

More than anything though, I could not have survived this week without my wonderful, amazing husband Michael. He is the best dad to Grace! He changed more diapers this week than I did. What an amazing dad.

We took our first walk this week as a family too, in my new jogging stroller that my awesome office gave to us.

Grace is Coming!

Time flys! I realized today that time goes by too fast and I wanted to keep track of little Grace's life better. Also a place to share pictures with friends and family since we do not live near any family. 

Yesterday was our 39 week appointment with our doctor. My blood pressure had been going up so for the last few weeks so I have been going to the doctor in Greenville twice a week. Michael had not been to but a couple appointments, but for some reason he really wanted to come to this appointment, and I am really glad he did! Because by the time we left the appointment I was dilated 5 cm and we were on our way to the hospital! Thankfully I was not in a lot of pain, and very excited to meet our little girl! We immediately began making phone calls, and family immediately were on their way. 

Grace Elizabeth McKenzie was born 10:36 pm 7 lbs 12 oz 20 in. 

We were fortunate that most of our family were able to come!

This was her coming home outfit! Isn't she cute!
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