Emma 12 Months Old

12 Months Old!
2 ft 5.5 in 62%
22 lbs 6 oz 84%
19 in head cir. 99%
- 4 shiny white teeth
- Saying "dada" & "baba"
- Loves to eat spaghetti, peaches, green beans, all pouches
- Nursing morning and night
-Goes to bed between 7-8 and wake time has yet to be consistent
- Loves watching her brother and sister
- Wearing size 12-18 months
- Still taking 2 naps a day
- Loves to be given kisses

David Michael 12 Months
Grace 12 Months

Pictures courtesy Gentle Capture Photography

Pinterest Recipe Reviews

As a busy mom and someone who has to stick to a budget, I have to meal plan. I usually try a new recipe every week, because lets be honest... I need a little variety. I recently asked some friends via social media what some of their family's favorite recipes included. I really appreciate all of my wonderful friends for their ideas!! I love trying new recipes that people I know have tried. I use Pinterest most of the time, but sometimes it just doesn't turn out. More than anything I hate wasting food! 

I want to share some of the Pinterest recipes that I have tried recently that were oh so yummy and a few that did not go over well with my family.

Oh so Yummy recipe #1- Squash Chips
We love squash in our house and this was an easy and quick recipe to put on the table. This recipe is even better when the squash comes straight from the garden!

Won't Make Again #1-  Fajita Chicken Casserole
My family is not wild about casseroles and this recipe will definitely not be repeated in our house. The picture looks so good and I love all the veggies in it, but it turned out pretty dry.

OH so Yummy recipe #2- Breakfast Casserole
I seriously make this dinner at least once a week! Sometimes we have it for dinner, sometimes we have it for breakfast and this recipe is definitely an excellent recipe to take to anyone!

Won't Make Again #2- Philly Cheese steak Sandwiches
Sometimes on Fridays, ok not just on Fridays, but I crave something completely unhealthy and greasy. This is definitely all of those things, but really have zero flavor.

Oh so Yummy recipe #3- Honey Garlic Chicken
Everyone in my family loves this delicious chicken! This is pretty much beef stew, just replace the beef with chicken. Lots of yummy veggies and the best part it is cooks in just one pot!

Won't Make Again #3- Corn Chowder
This recipe was a total disappointment! The end result looked nothing like the picture and I ended up having to chunk it. 

I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite Pinterest recipes! I would love to give them a try! In the meantime please follow me on Pinterest. I have a board of "Things I have made", that might help you the next time you need a new recipe.

Emma 11 Months Old

We are 11 months old!

- Learned to take out her bow
- Climbing and pulling up on everything
- Loves to eat green beans, bananas, puffs, spaghetti & pureed food 
- Waves at everyone
- Wants to do whatever her big sister and brother are doing
- Loves being outside
- 3 teeth
- Nursing 3 times a day (7 am, 12:30pm & 7pm)
- Eats three solid food meals a day
-Still spitting up all the time
- Wearing 12-18 month size clothes
- Babbles dadda and momma
- Naps at 9am and 1pm

David Michael 11 Months Old
Grace 11 Months Old
Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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