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Just wanted to leave you with a quick note... I did not know if you noticed that I added a new page to my blog "RECIPES". 

I found myself wanting to find recipes I had made before and this was the easiest way. Enjoy! 

You know I could not write a post without leaving you with a picture of my beautiful baby!

16 Weeks

We had our 16 week appointment and everything was good. I was able to listen to the heartbeat, which always brings a huge smile to my face!

Weight: 0 lbs. Lost the two pounds that I gained the last couple weeks. I came down with something and really lost my appetite and really had to force the food down.
Sleep: I have actually been sleeping pretty well this week. I can not complain. Still having very vivid dreams and wake up having to think hard if they really happened.
Milage: 12.5 miles. Had a pretty good running week. I have had to start walking a little more than normal. I run all my miles while pushing Grace so the hills are getting a lot more difficult. The heat doesn't help either.
Miss Anything: Really not this week at all. I almost did not feel pregnant this week. This really is the "baby-moon" stage. I am not big enough to hinder me and I no longer feel sick, so I can not complain this week!
Cravings: Still nothing much except something cold on these hot days we have been having  here in SC.
Looking Forward: The next appointment we find out the sex!!!! I can not wait to know and call this little one by name!

Week 15

Things have definitely changed this week! I feel like the bump really made an appearance this week. My face is all broken out and I feel like my hips have moved a little because when I run I feel like I am using some different muscles. My nose has also began swelling, which makes it a little harder to sleep.

So sadly I did not take a picture of the belly at 15 weeks :( But here is the belly with Grace at 15 weeks. Let me tell you with baby #2 I am twice as big!

Weight: +2.5 lbs. Sleep wearing my regular clothes, but throwing in a few maternity here and there. I am not really excited about wearing maternity clothes again. I remember toward the end with Grace I was so tired of the same clothes.
Sleep: I feel like I am sleeping pretty good, just wish I could have more sleep.
Milage: 13.5 miles. Not a great running week, but glad I was able to get some milage.
Miss Anything: Just food tasting good. Still have an appetite, but nothing looks good.
Cravings: I wish!
Looking forward: To our next appointment on Tuesday! I have never loved going to the doctor so much!

First Father's Day with Two Kids

Grace and this new baby are blessed with the best daddy (or DA-DA like Grace likes to say) in this world! Their daddy can fix anything, build anything, turn anything into a toy or game, works so hard to supply all our needs, sacrifices things he wants or needs, will push a swing until his arm falls off, always takes out the trash and most importantly lead us toward our Lord and Savior.

Yesterday began that with a little sleeping in for Michael. Sadly because we are so used to waking up at the crack of dawn sleeping in only lasted till 7:45. Then there were chocolate chip pancakes waiting for him when he woke up. Grace had gotten him an audio book he wanted and decorated it quite well with stickers all by herself.

The rest of the day was full of laughs, walks, lincoln logs, a trip to Lowes, and some painting. Then the day concluded with the dinner requested: chicken n dumplings, black eyed peas, salad and yeast rolls.

I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day with the Fathers in your life!

McKenzie Wedding

Three weeks ago Grace officially gained an Aunt and I recieved a new sister! We are so thankful and grateful that Uncle Elliott met the absolutely best bride. I look forward to years together.

Their wedding was God centered, family oriented and lots of fun!

The groom, Elliott, is one of Michael's older brothers. He has a gift with people, culture and languages. He waited a long time for "the one" and I am really glad he did because he received a jewel. 

The bride, Brittany, is a pediatric nurse and is working on finishing becoming a nurse practitioner. (let me tell you with those three brothers selfishly I am glad she will be around throughout the Holidays- boys are rough!) Brittany loves her Savior more than anything, keeps her nails perfect (something I am a little jealous over -  guilty nail-biter), loves to dance and is going to make us all fat with her mad baking skills.

Elliott and Brittany were nice (and brave) enough to ask Grace to be their flower girl. Grace definitely looked the part, but walk down the isle... she did not do. I am very disappointed. Looking back I would have done things a little differently, but they are still married.

 Brittany did an excellent job with all the logistics, decorating and atmosphere. I am sure you will see elements of their wedding on pinterest real soon! Check out their video you will not be disappointed!

Welcome to the Family Brittany! I look forward to laughing, crying, holidays, raising our children together and learning from each other. 

Love you brother and sister


The Last of the Line Finishing High School

A few weeks ago my baby sister, Rebekah,  graduated from high school. The Crosses have now all completed the dreaded and awkward stage of high school. 

I am very proud of my baby sister for sticking with those hard days and finishing. (even if she did have her mom for a few classes)

We had a great time as a family hanging out and celebrating with Rebekah.

(Grace kind of has a thing for her Aunts!)

Week 14

Weight: +2 lbs. Still wearing most of my regular clothes with a few lots of loose dresses.
Sleep: Sleep is getting better, but I seem to toss and turn a lot. Of course when I toss then I remember I have to pee. So lets just say I get as much sleep as possible.
Milage: 14 miles. I guess I am kind of in a rut here with this milage, but I am happy to get it in!
Miss Anything: Having energy in the afternoon. I feel great in the morning, anything I want to get done I do first thing. After lunch and Grace takes a nap (which also means I don't move from the couch) I just count down the minutes (ok seconds) until Michael gets home.
Cravings: Really nothing still, but last night we did have BLTs with lettuce and tomatoes from our garden and they were to die for!
Looking Forward: To spending an afternoon with one of my best friends on Monday!!! We have been friends since my 9th birthday and we do not get to see each other often, but thankfully she is awesome at keeping in touch!

Week 13

I know I am a bit (ok almost a week late) on this post, but let me tell you about taking a picture of a pregnant lady. First off no picture looks good, I have to have someone else take the picture, Which means if I wait for my husband to get home from work well by that point my pjs are on. So... I finally got one in.

Weight: +1 lb.
Sleep: I keep having really bad nightmares. When I wake up I try shake it, but I usually can not get it out of my mind unless I get up and get some water and then I can lay there for a while before I eventually fall back to sleep. I did buy a body pillow yesterday. I borrowed one last pregnancy and it really helps me feel comfortable.
Milage: 13 miles.
Miss Anything: Just having energy. I feel pretty good in the morning, but after lunch all I want to do is nap and never move from the couch.
Cravings: Still nothing. Just hoping my appetite comes back sometime. I am ready to actually like and enjoy food.
Looking Forward: The ultrasound to tell us the gender! I am way too impatient to wait! (even though we won't find out till later in July)

5-12 Weeks

5 Weeks

We found out that we were expecting another little McKenzie! I was too excited to wait and tell Michael (even though his birthday was a few days away) I had to tell him right away!

6 Weeks

Weight Gain: -1lbs.
Sleep: Pretty good, but VERY tired! I would take a nap everyday if I could.
Milage: 11.5 miles, not the best running week.
Best Moment Of The Week: Getting to spend time with extended family for Easter.
Miss Anything: Yall are going to get tired of me saying Diet Sunkist!
Movement: Not yet, but I can't wait.
Cravings: Nothing really, but keep waking up in the middle of the night hungry. Something I don't think I have had since I was pregnant with Grace.
Looking Forward: To getting to see more family this upcoming week, but it is going to be difficult to keep this little baby a secret!

7 Weeks

We spent most of the week visiting family. We love our family and spending time with them, but for me it was incredibly difficult to not blurt out "WE'RE PREGNANT!"

Weight Gain: -2 lbs
Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good, minus some nightmares, just do not seem to get enough of it!
Milage: 14 miles, I was able to squeeze in a little more running with the help of family babysitting this week.
Best Moment Of The Week: Spending time with family.
Miss Anything: Mexican cheese! My parents took me out to lunch to my favorite restaurant, Mexican. I had to pretend like I wasn't very hungry and order rice. This was so hard!
Cravings: Not much of anything, but when I get hungry I am hungry!
Looking Forward: Finally telling my family.

8 Weeks

(Please remember I am pregnant and really don't enjoy being photographed!)

Weight Gain:-2 lbs
Sleep: It has been pretty good this week, but just never enough of it. I definitely feel better if I wake up on my own and not when something or someone wakes me up.
Milage: 12 miles. I feel pretty good when I get out there to run, I just have little motivation.
Best Moment Of The Week: Spending time with family at my nephew's 5th birthday. Just wish I could have blurted out our secret, even though they were very suspicious!
Miss Anything: Eating hotdogs. I love hotdogs and so does Grace so we have them quite often. This weekend we went to my nephew's 5th birthday and of course we had hotdogs. They looked so good and it was definitely NOT easy making up an excuse for not eating one. 
Movement: Not yet, but a lot of cramping. 
Cravings: Anything sweet. Which is completely not me at all. I can pass up anything sweet, but that is all I think about. 
Looking Forward: The ultrasound next week! I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER!

9 Weeks

I had my first doctor's appointment this week. I am so excited and very nervous at the same time! I was holding my breath as she put the wand on my belly and then I saw our perfect little angel and heart the heart beat I was so longing to hear. But... she also found a bleed in my uterus, which is fairly common, but I am absolutely terrified and obsessed. That is ALL I can think about. I have been told to take it easy. (I have a one year old!) So take it easy means I am picking up Grace as little as possible, not running and sitting more than I ever would. My next appointment was not until 3 more weeks, but I have already moved it up to 2 more weeks because I want to tell our family, but want to be sure everything is ok first. (that appointment can not come soon enough!!!)

Weight Gain: o lbs
Sleep: Going to bed early helps me fall asleep, but then I have been waking up early too. 
Milage: 14 miles. My appointment was late in the week so I had already put some good miles in before. 
Best Moment Of The Week: Seeing our little one's heart beat for the first time. 
Miss Anything: RUNNING
Movement: Nothing yet, but it would definitely make me feel better if I could feel something!
Cravings: Anything sweet. 
Looking Forward: Next ultra sound. 

10 Weeks

This week I am been so tired! I think most of it is because I have not run. Running really gives me more energy.

Weight Gain: -2 lbs. Easy to loose weight when NO food looks appetizing. Seriously, I think I want something to eat and then by the time it is ready and sitting in front of me it is the LAST thing I want to eat.
Sleep: Just having crazy dreams. They seem so real too. Sometimes I even wake up and ask Michael if something actually happened or not?
Milage: 0 miles this week. Still trying to take it easy, but I have an appointment on Thursday and hopefully he will give me the go ahead to start running again. 
Best Moment Of The Week: You are going to think this is a little silly, but being able to take a nap on Sunday. I have been SOOO tired and Grace had a sinus infection this week which means she has not been sleeping great.
Miss Anything: RUNNING
Movement: I actually think I feel something sometimes when I am laying down and being really still, but I could be crazy. 
Cravings: Nothing. I know most pregnant woman are craving all sorts of crazy things, but I can honestly not think of anything I would like to eat right now.
Looking Forward: Being able to see Baby McKenzie on Thursday! That is seriously all I can think about. We have a lot going on this upcoming week, but I really am just focused on my appointment.

11 Weeks

We had another checkup at the doctor this week and everything and everyone looked GREAT!!! I am so thankful and blessed. I am in the clear to run again and resume normal activity. Went for the first run again on the hotel treadmill and ran my normal pace and I felt like a new person. 

Weight Gain: 1/2 lb Finally going the right direction. 
Sleep: This week was difficult because I was so excited about seeing and telling our families at the end of the week. 
Milage: 5 miles. It sure does feel good to run again!
Best Moment Of The Week: Telling our families!! Finally we get to tell them!!! Usually it would not be so hard to keep a secret, but between birthdays, graduations, and weddings we have been spending A LOT of time together. 
Miss Anything: I really would have loved to enjoy the wine at the wedding. 
Movement: I am so ready to feel this baby! It can not come soon enough. 
Cravings: Sadly, nothing. 
Looking Forward: I really can not express how excited I am to be able to feel this baby moving and playing around. 

12 Weeks

I think everyone knows now! We were able to tell our church family on Sunday and they were all so excited. We are so excited to add to our family and our church family.

Weight Gain: 1/2 lb. Still wearing my normal clothes, but mostly dresses and stretchy shorts. I did bring down the few items of maternity clothes I have out of the attic this week.
Sleep: Pretty good. I just have to wake up to pee a couple times a night. Then I wake up starving and can not go back to sleep because all I can think about it breakfast!
Milage: 13 miles. Feels great run again! I can definitely tell that my pace has slowed down dramatically, but I have not been wearing my watch on purpose. I am more interested in the fact that I am running than how fast or slow I am running. 
Best Moment Of The Week: Best momentS have been just still sharing the news with friends! I am just so excited and want everyone to know. 
Miss Anything: I really miss hot dogs. We have been to A LOT of cookouts lately and I love hotdogs.
Cravings: Really no cravings for me. Just really really thirsty.
Looking Forward: I am counting down the days till I can feel this little one move. I loved being able to feel Grace kick and move around. I know some mommas say it keeps them up, but I could sleep right through Grace having a dance party. To me it is just the best reassurance that they are happy and healthy!

Stay tunned every week to see our little one growing!

Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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