Grace's 3rd Birthday Party

 We had a wonderful party filled with family and pink! 

She was a very spoiled little three year old.

We served hotdogs with all the toppings for lunch (one of Grace's favorite things to eat). For the sweets department: banana strawberry layered cake, chocolate dipped pretzels, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, pink and white iced animal crackers, rice crispy treats, zucchini bread, chocolate chip cookies, homemade pink ice cream!

We were so blessed that all of Grace's family was able to make the jouney to celebrate her life! 

Grace how we love you! You make us better people and teach us so much everyday!

Grace is 3!!!

Grace is 3!!!
37lbs 13 oz 94%
3 ft 3 in 91%

- wearing mostly size 4t and 5t
-talking all the time!
-favorite question is "why?"
-knows all her colors
-loves to count
-loves to sing and remembers most of the words
-knows how old she is, when you ask
-Outside girl
-favorite color= pink
-still a daddy's girl

Happy Birthday ME

Well I am now 31. Wow how the time flies. I really don't feel that old, it feels like yesterday I was leaving college. But now I am blessed with a wonderful husband, two amazing kids and I life I wouldn't trade for anything! 

I thought because it is my birthday I would share 31 things about myself... you may or may not know...
1. Running is my favorite hobby.
2.  I am a terrible painter.
3. I met my husband in Africa.
4. When I was young I wanted 13 kids and then before I got married I changed my mind to 0. 
5. I have run 7 marathons.
6. I am studying for my masters in education.
7. I love to go hiking! I just don't like to get close to heights.
8. I won't wear anything if it is uncomfortable.
9. I really don't enjoy swimming. I like being outside and will get in, but not really my thing. I would never own a pool.
10. I could eat Mexican food everyday.
11. I have the very bad habit of biting my nails. I wish I could stop and will for a while, but then as soon as I get stressed I start biting them again.
12. I attended four different colleges and still finished in four years.
13. I have been in a lot of different countries: Grenada, Canada, Dominican Republic, Africa, and Scotland.
14. I HATE driving on the interstate. I will drive the long way to avoid it.
15. I am not much for sweets. I do like things with cream cheese and cherry Twizzlers bites, but I could even do without those.
16. I could pretty much watch anything on HGTV.
17. I try to cook three meals a day. It doesn't always happen, but I want my family to have home cooked meals and not eat too many processed things.
18. I enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks books. Who doesn't enjoy a sappy romance?
19. Until Grace was born I had worked since I was 15 years old. 
20.  I am really an introvert and can stay home all the time.
21. I like country music. Just don't listen to it much because all 6 cds in my car are kids.
22. I love french fries.
23. I vaccuum almost everyday. I feel like if my floors are clean then my house is clean.
24. I wear shoes all the time. I hate being barefoot.
25. Fall is my favorite season. I love wearing shorts and a long sleeve shirt. I love seeing the leaves and colors.
26. I still wear clothes from middle school. One of the main things is a blue Mets shirt that I like to sleep in. (I know poor Michael. He HATES it.)
27. I shave my legs everyday! That is not a day that goes by that I don't shave my legs. I can't stand the feeling.
28. I have only had 4 pedicures ever. One before my wedding. One before my brother's wedding. One before Grace was born. And finally one before David Michael was born. 
29. I cry almost every time I get my hair cut. Which is why I wait soooo long between haircuts. 
30. I hate to spend money. When I spend money I literally count how many hours I have to work to pay for it.
31. I pretty much wear chacos all the time!

I can't wait to see what this next year holds!

Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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