Our Weekend

This weekend we had a lot of fun having family time. It has been a while since it was just the four of us. Saturday morning David Michael and I slept in until almost 9am!! Definitely a record, but seriously I could have slept till the next morning. Of course is it technically sleeping in when we were up at 1am, 3am, and 5am??

We decided to get ready and take Grace to a church down the road for an Easter egg hunt. She did collect some eggs, but there was a playground and she really just wanted to play! After we came home she realized there was candy inside the eggs, and I wonder if she might have changed her mind and collected more eggs if she had known that before hand :)

After eating hotdogs and candy it was nap time because we had something special planning for the afternoon!

BOWLING! Grace went on her first bowling excursion. She absolutely LOVED it! She did not want to leave. She was actually a lot better than we thought she would be too.

The day turned out to be a great family fun filled day!

David Michael is 4 months!

4 Months Old!
2 ft 1.6 in 71%
16 lbs 15 oz 80%
17.25 in head cir. 97%

-Yelling very loudly
- Chewing on hands
- Began taking a paci
- Grabbing toys
- Rolled over a few times belly to back
- Smiles when you are talking to him
- Talking all the time 
- Wearing size 9 months

Check out his big sister at four months here.

Our Weekend

This past weekend we had the pleasure of introducing David Michael to two of his Great Grandparents.

We first went to see my Grandmother, Mema, who is 93. She was patiently awaiting our arrival. She was so excited to meet David Michael! He was an angel around her too. He smiled and laughed and even fell asleep to her rubbing his foot. It was so good to introduce her to her first great grandson.

Next we went to see Michael's grandfather, Papa Lea. David Michael gave him lots of smiles and laughs. Even though Papa Lea has a lot of great grandchildren he is always overjoyed to meet a new member of the family!

We have such an amazing family and we can only hope to leave a legacy close to theirs!

Month 3 Must Haves

When I was racking my brain as to what I should include in my list... nothing came to mind. Partly because of exhaustion has affected my brain and partly because I am completely in survival mode. When I made Grace's list there were really things that were new to us and that we used everyday. Now those are things we still use almost every day, but here are a few new things to David Michael.

1. Humidifier-We have gone through a lot of humidifiers over the past few years with Grace and this is the one that has stuck around the longest. We now have one in the living room and in Grace's room.

2. Bouncer- This seat has been a life saver! We are borrowing it from a friend and David Michael loves this seat. He sleeps in it a lot, watching mommy work, and helps me out so much!

3.Blue Blankets- When David Michael arrived we had two blue blankets. I thought that was plenty and really did not want to spend money on blankets. Well two is NOT enough. So I found myself reaching for Grace's pink blankets. David Micheal's daddy wasn't too pleased about this. Thankfully a friend is letting us borrow some blue blankets now.

4. Bottle Warmer- Ok so this is not really a must have... but David Michael doesn't really enjoy taking a bottle at all! This definitely helps to an extent. I never had one for Grace and she was fine and took a bottle fine, but her little brother prefers his bottle warm.

5. Angelcare Baby Monitor- This has been really a life saver! We are finally able to lay David Michael down and not worry! The first time since he has been born. This mat monitors his breathing. If he stops breathing an alarm goes off. We can leave him in the other room or fall asleep and not worry!

Hope this list helps you!

Our Schedule

After three months of David Michael being in our lives I finally feel that we have somewhat of a schedule. David Michael has not been the easiest baby, which has made it much more difficult for me to make a schedule. However, if you know me at all you know this has been killing me! I am very much type A and want to have a time schedule for everything. Here is what our typical day looks like lately...

12:30 - 1:30am: He wakes up for his first feeding of the night. Due to his breathing troubles his daddy would stay up with him until this time, until last week. We would stay up with him to make sure that he continued to breath. We were just given a sleep apnea mat and we now can lay him down in his crib, so we do not have to stay up with him any longer in the evening. After I feed him I have to hold him up for an hour to make sure he does not spit up his entire feeding. (literally!)

3:30 - 4:30am: He wakes up for his next feeding of the night. I hold him up for an hour.

6:00 - 7:00am: He wakes up for the day. I try to make him wait to eat until 7am, sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am not. After this feeding, I also pump so I will have milk for future use either in his cereal or for a bottle. Grace usually wakes up somewhere in this time period too. Somehow I attempt to change diapers, make breakfast, eat breakfast, dress children and most importantly grab caffeine!

8:30am: Around this time I am usually able to get David Michael to take a nap. I attempt to clean up breakfast and spend some alone time with Grace. David Michael usually will sleep for exactly 30 minutes.

10:00am: Nursing time for David Michael again. Before he gets hungry, I try to have a snack ready for Grace and something to entertain her, either an art project, blocks or a movie. After he finishes eating and while Grace is still occupied I am usually able to squeeze in a quick shower before chore time. This is also the time period if we need to run errands we will.

11:30am: Nap time for David Michael, which really is wonderful timing because I am usually able to make lunch for Grace and I and at least eat a few bites before he wakes up.

12:45pm: Begin getting Grace down for her afternoon nap. Since David Michael arrived, sadly she has not been taking a nap very well? However, I do make her stay in her room for an hour sleeping or not.

1:00pm: David Michael nurses again. I hold him up for an hour (like I do after every feeding).

2:00pm: David Michael goes down for around 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Grace gets up and it is mommy and Grace time. Usually we are in the kitchen working on dinner before daddy gets home.

4:00pm: David Michael is up and hungry again, more food for him. Usually Michael gets home sometime after this and oh how I am so glad to see him! We all rush to see him and this momma breathes a sigh of relief that I have made it another day! We always eat dinner as a family and attempt to catch up on each others day.

6:30pm: Bedtime is underway. Grace usually gets a bath (if she didn't get one earlier in the day) and we head to her room to read books and pray.

7:00pm: Grace is laying down for bed and David Michael is nursing. (Daddy and Mommy are trying to keep our eyes open.)

8:00pm: This momma is in bed! Michael takes over David Michael duty, they have father son time.

I know this schedule is pretty detailed, but that is how I roll. I don't always stick to the exact nap schedule for David Michael, but I do stick very strictly to his feeding times. I find that it makes life easier for me! It leaves a lot of the guess work out for me.

I am hoping soon David Michael will start to stretch out his nighttime feedings to just one feeding at night instead of 2-3. (hey I can hope can't I!) 

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our crazy, wonderful life!

Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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