Our Weekend

This past weekend we had the pleasure of introducing David Michael to two of his Great Grandparents.

We first went to see my Grandmother, Mema, who is 93. She was patiently awaiting our arrival. She was so excited to meet David Michael! He was an angel around her too. He smiled and laughed and even fell asleep to her rubbing his foot. It was so good to introduce her to her first great grandson.

Next we went to see Michael's grandfather, Papa Lea. David Michael gave him lots of smiles and laughs. Even though Papa Lea has a lot of great grandchildren he is always overjoyed to meet a new member of the family!

We have such an amazing family and we can only hope to leave a legacy close to theirs!


  1. Awe! There is something extra special about great grandparents and great grandchildren :) And oh my goodness -- Grace is looking SO big and grown up!!!

    1. She is getting so big! Where has the time gone!

  2. What a special weekend and what good looking kiddos!


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