ESTY (and my addiction)

Ok. Today's post is all about Etsy. No not just my shop, but some people I think highly of and their shops!

Betty Atwell is an amazing seamstress. I would even go as far to say, the best I have ever known! She taught me everything I know and has more patience that a normal human! She can sew just about anything: clothes, children's clothes, weddings, pageant dresses, quilts and home decor. She makes these beautiful clothing for American Girl dolls. 

The next shop is a friend of mine who I have known literally my entire life! She has two super cute little girls and stays at home with them. She makes an assortment of bibs, burp clothes, toys and pretty much anything you desire! She has great prices and you really need to check out her shop!

My very talented cousin has a blog, Parties For Pennies. She creates these champagne parties on beer budgets! She posts ideas on parties, decorating and any kind of gettogether. You can not afford not to check out her shop and blog!

My high school friend, Lacey, is talented in so many ways! She can create beautiful jewelry just want you want. If you are the kind of person that wants something personal and special? Check out her shop and order that one of a kind item!

Of course I have to brag on my shop a little bit. (after all this is my blog) I buy all of my materials at Hobby Lobby, so you can go on their website and pick out your fabric and your custom dress will be created! I love to make your vision come to life!

So now it is time to get your shop on!!

Denver Downs 5K

It doesn't matter how many races I have done, I still get butterflies in my stomach. I know that I am only fighting against myself, but the nerves still get me! 

Saturday I ran my second 5K since Grace was born. I ran Denver Downs 5K in Anderson, SC. I have to say I loved this race and hated it at the same time! Lets begin with the negative... the race cost me $27 but did not even have a race clock, according to my Garmin the course was only 2.77 miles and the finish line was a little ambiguous. The positives were the course was AWESOME! We ran through a corn maze (they made it easy to follow, no thinking involved), most of the race was off of asphalt, and I was able to run with some of the best mommas ever!!!

I have to say though this race was so much better than my previous 5K since Grace was born. (you can find that here and my last race here) Last 5K I finished in 28:04 which was sad to me. I was happy that I ran that after having given birth, but still not happy with my time. Saturday my finishing time was 22.01! Much better than before! If the race was a full 5K then my projected time would have been 24:36! I am very happy with this time. Also last 5K I was fourth in my age group, but this time I was the 3rd girl to finish overall!

So to all you mommas out there who are wondering if you will get your speed back, please do not be discouraged! In time and hard work! I have an awesome friend who has really pushed me and made me a much better runner! (Thanks Brooke!)

(I have to add that this lady finished 2nd and was a complete minute ahead of me! She is really is an amazing running and a better friend! Thanks!)

My Love List

I think today I am going to write another love list! (You can find my last love list here.)

ONE- Sweatshirts and leggings! Some of my favorite outfits of Grace's are legging and sweatshirts! I just ordered my first pair of leggings and I can not wait to join her in the cuteness! (and of course comfort!)

TWO- Now that it is time for the Holidays, I love to make my home as festive as possible! Of course that can get expensive, but I have a trick! Check out my cousin's blog Parties For Pennies for inexpensive ideas!

THREE- Because this candle is buy two get one free at Target this week I scooped up a few and I love it! It has a little sweet smell that is perfect for fall!

FOUR- Since it is Fall I love using my cockpot most nights! Dinner is ready when you are and the house smells yummy! We tried out this recipe the other night and it was DELISH! We will be making this a lot in the future! Also this pancake recipe is excellent, if you need a warm breakfast!

FIVE- Now this love is dangerous! Meagan over at Hello Newlywed Life introduced me to There are great deals to be found everyday! (be careful you might get hooked!)

I would love to hear what you are loving, leave a message and let me know!


I know you all have been waiting to see who would win a dress from God's Little Grace's Etsy Shop! Well the winner is:

*Carin Callie from thebabydoctorswife*

Carin began blogging back in February in preparation for the birth of her little girl. Hadley Elizabeth was just born September 18th! She is so precious! I have really enjoyed following along and getting to know Carin and her wonderful family. Go check her out and become a follower!
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Pinterest Recipes

Lets to honest... Pinterest in addicting! But, it also can be helpful. I have a board called "Things I have made". When meal planning comes around every week, it is nice to look at all the recipes I have tried and which recipes I might use? I also have a board of "Recipes to try". I usually make one new recipe a week, just to add some variety.

Here is a list of some of my family's favorite Pinterest recipes:

~IHOP pancakes
Zucchini Bread

Pimento Cheese
8 Can Taco Soup

Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches

Sopapilla Cheesecake
No Bake Chocolate Eclair

What are some of your favorite Pinterest recipes?

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Lets Be Honest...

Before Grace was born I had unrealistic expectations of how running would be after delivery. I  saw other moms walking, running and exercising days after delivering. I however, had a completely different situation. Due to breaking my tailbone during delivery, I could not walk for weeks farther than the mailbox. I was heartbroken! Actually more than heartbroken, devastated. You see running is my outlet, stress reliever, "Katie time" and relaxer. 

Around 6 weeks after Grace being born I was able to walk a little bit further and everyday was a little different. When Grace was 3 months old I began running again. 

Being a new momma there are a lot of factors you have to take in account before running: nursing or pumping, wearing two sports bras, how much or little sleep you are running on, weather for the little one, water (I don't know about you, but I was SOOO thirsty while nursing), and extra weight you are carrying - both on your body and in the stroller. 

I finally had to come to the realization that any amount of running I could fit in was better than nothing! I began running and walking for 45 minutes 3 days a week and working out to an video 2 days a week. Then if I had a chance on the weekend and Michael could babysit I would head out by myself and run as hard as I could. I really was not able to run like myself until after I finished nursing. (around the time Grace was 12 months)

I know everyone's experience in different, but that is my story. 

If you have recently just had a baby, remember that this time only lasts for a short while. You will become yourself again, but better!

ps. There is only 2 days left for the giveaway!

6 Years!!!

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you! I am so excited for many more days together!

 Michael and I met on a mission trip in Africa. I went over to Ethiopia for 10 days and Michael was there all summer, using sports as a way to hearts.

We grew up in the same county, but never met. God had a plan we never foresaw. We met in April of 2007, then after a long summer through letter writing we were engaged on Grandfather mountain in September. 

I always wanted a Fall, outside wedding, and that is exactly what we had! We were married in my parents backyard on the lake, which was more than I ever imagined!

Over the last 6 years we have really made a lot of wonderful memories!

Michael ran his first marathon.

The Grand Canyon.

Sequoia National Park

Yosemite National Park

Mt. Washington


We bought our first house!

But by far the best thing that we have ever done is have our beautiful Baby Grace.

I love you honey! Thank you for being my other half and making me a better person every day.

Things I Want To Teach Grace:

Since Grace was born, she has changed everything. We no longer sleep in, there are mounds of toys in every room, we eat dinner at the same time every night- which includes vegetables, I no longer work, etc. (this list could fill up an entire post, but I spare you that today.) These changes are good for me, it has made me reevaluate and see what is really important.  Through all these changes that she has brought into our life, here is a list of things I hope to teach her:

1. You will always by my baby girl. 
2. I'm never tired of being your mom. 

3. The mirror is not the boss of you!
4. Nothing will make me love you more.
5. Nothing will make me love you less.
6. You can always come home.
7. Only God is perfect. Nothing else.
8. Jesus loves you.
9. The truth will set you free and is my easier than a messy lie.
10. You will love again. 
11. Bad haircuts eventually will grow out.
12. We need each other.
13. Challenge yourself. You can do it!
14. I am much more interested in your growth than your happiness.
15. A good friend loves at all times.
16. Real life is always better than in the movies or online.
17. Girlfriends are the best kind of free therapy.
18. Don't be afraid of a broken heart.
19. Patience in never wasted. It is a virtue.
20. Love waits.
21. Husbands need a wife. (not another mom)
22. Jesus loves you for just being you.
23. Daughters teach us about our moms. 
24. Stop for sunrises.
25. I want to be your friend, but I will be your mother first.
26. You can NOT control what others think about you. So let it go!
27. See the world.
28. Be the friend you wish you had.
29. Go big even if it means failing big.
30. Bad hair days happen. 
31. A good cry does make you feel better sometimes, and thats ok.
32. I love all the marks you left on my body, because without them I would not have you.
33. Fashion is not something I am good at, but I look forward to shopping with you.
34. God made all things beautiful- and that includes you! No matter what anyone might lead you to believe.
35. Marriage takes commitment and sacrifice, but it is the most fun you will ever have!
36. Your body is yours and a gift worth giving to your husband and him only.
37. Saying "your sorry" is a sign of strength not weakness.
38. The best way to not worry about other people gossiping about you, is to not gossip about anyone else.
39. I'm on your side, even if you think I am against you.
40. "Good girls" are not boring.
41. No prayer request is ever too small to bring before your heavenly Father.
42. You will never be too old for me to hold you.
43. Music will make you feel better, so sing and dance!

44. Cook, decorate, clean, organize, wear because you want to. Not because you feel like you have to.

45. As long as your Daddy is around he is always up for ice cream with you.
46. Your Daddy has loved you better and longer than any boy EVER.
47. I will fail you, but your Heavenly Father NEVER will.

I have been working on this post for a while and I think I could add something new every day, but for now this list is complete.

ps. our giveaway is still open until Wednesday!


I was listening to the radio yesterday when Steven Curtis Chapman's "Do Everything" started playing. As I was listening, I was reminded WHY I have a yelling baby in the backseat, 
headed to Michael's office to pick him up, with groceries in the back seat. 

I know I have posts about my cleaning scheduleweekly menustime saving tipsmoney saving tips and tips on motherhood. But please do NOT get me wrong, my life is NOT all 
together! I have gone through my share of ups and downs, highs and lows, fails and redoes.

I read numerous posts and see all the perfect pictures. Of moms whose homes are completely decorated for every holiday with the latest trends, children smiling and dressed to the nines. I desire to be THAT mom, but it was so good to be reminded yesterday when this song came on the radio...

"You're picking up toys on the living room floor
for the 15th time today
Matching up socks and sweeping up lost
Cheerios that got away
You put a baby on your hip and color on your lips
and head out the door
And while I may not know you I bet I know you
Wonder sometimes does it matter at all
We'll let me remind you it all matters just as long as you
Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you
Cause He made you to do
Every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face
And tell the story of grace
With every move that you make
And every little thing you do."

I need to be reminded DAILY of why I am here. I am here for my Savior. Thankfully He has given me my Baby Grace for this time. I may not the mom who has it all together, but I strive to be the mom who loves her Savor and her family more than anything.

ps. Don't forget to check out our giveaway.


Because it is Wednesday and I love Wednesdays... God's Little Grace Etsy Shop is having its first ever GIVEAWAY!!! I will be giving away one of my super cute pillowcase dresses! (you will not know which one until next week!)

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is become a follower of God's Little Grace blog through either google or bloglovin AND leave a comment saying what size dress your little girl needs and what kind of posts you want to see more of?? Thats pretty easy huh!

I will announce the winner next Wednesday!!! Good Luck!!!

Weekend Update (part 2)

I know yall (yes I am from the South) have been anxiously waiting to hear about the rest of our weekend. First of all let me thank those of you who texted, called and messaged me to see how Grace was doing! It means to much to know we have great friends that really care!

Well after our scare on Friday night, Grace woke up, after sleeping on her Daddy on all night, ready for the day! She was still wheezing slightly, but nothing like the night before. I kept giving her tylenol and rubbing Vicks on her chest and neck. 

Grace wanted to do anything her Cousin Luke was doing. She was his little shadow for the next two days. She still had a pretty good sounding cough, but it did not slow her down for a minute!

Saturday afternoon we headed to Sky Top Orchard which is only about 5 miles down the road. This apple orchard was fantastic! First off it was FREE, beautiful, play sets for the kids, animals, bamboo forest, apples, grapes, donuts and much much more!

Now I am about to show a lot of pictures, but how cute are the many faces of Baby Grace!!

I would love to know what she was thinking during some of these pictures?!?!

The rest of the evening was full of family, friends, corn-hole, fire, food and lots of fun because it was Grace's Uncle Justin's Birthday!

Thank you Uncle Justin for letting us crash on your couch and spend your special day with you! Happy Birthday! We love you!

Weekend Update (part 1)

Fall is here in South Carolina and it just makes you want to spend all your day outside. So this weekend that is what we decided to do with our time. We took Grace on her first camping trip! 

Before Grace was born, we would go camping all the time. We love being outside and we also love that it is fairly inexpensive and you can make more of your weekend that way. We usually hike into a location and camp, but for Grace's first time camping we decided to car camp at Cascade Lake Campground. It was a beautiful setting right on the water. As soon as we got out of the car Grace was in heaven! She would live outside if she could! Grace and I explored while, daddy set up the tent and site. Then it was time to sit and enjoy!

Grace was a trooper! We grilled hamburgers, baked beans and apples. We had our blowup set up in the tent with Grace's pack-n-play mattress right beside the blowup. When it was time for bed she laid right down and fell asleep! Michael and I thought it could not get much better than this! She is asleep, we sat by the fire with a glass of wine and marshmallows! Then that is when the night became interesting...

At mid-night I am awoken to a gasp beside me. Grace is gasping for air and not able to breath. I grab her and lay her on my chest and she is still wheezing and gasping. Michael jumps up and we rush in the car. Grace almost immediately starts to breath better once in the car... HUM... We were ready to drive to the ER! Thankfully Michael's brother and family live down the road about 30 minutes from where were camping. We call him and to tell him know we were coming to crash on his couch. Grace slept on her daddy that night to make sure she did not have another episode. She was still wheezing all night, but thankfully no more gasping. We are pretty sure Grace has croup. Very scary, but rarely serious. 

Tune in tomorrow to hear the rest of the weekend...

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Happy Birthday MOM!

Today is my mom's birthday! (You might have remembered me talking about my mom in this post here) 

My mom and I at Grace's shower.

Let me tell you a little more about my mom: She has raised 5 wonderful children (and I am not just saying that because I am one of them... well maybe I am!), she is a very accomplished teacher, a very strong follower of her Savior, very artistic, and a huge giver! 

Mom and her girls

We love you Grandmommy! We hope you have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my wonderful mother-in-law's (aka mom's) birthday! I am so thankful and grateful to have the best mother-in-law in the whole world! Her and I have a lot in common which makes it fun to hang out!

Mom (aka Grandma) is a wonderful cook, she loves to go junk shopping, she loves to save money and cut coupons, she is always will to help, and most of all she mothered the best man/son in the whole world!

We hope you have a wonderful day Mom/Grandma!!! We love you!!! Happy Birthday!!!
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