Things I Want To Teach Grace:

Since Grace was born, she has changed everything. We no longer sleep in, there are mounds of toys in every room, we eat dinner at the same time every night- which includes vegetables, I no longer work, etc. (this list could fill up an entire post, but I spare you that today.) These changes are good for me, it has made me reevaluate and see what is really important.  Through all these changes that she has brought into our life, here is a list of things I hope to teach her:

1. You will always by my baby girl. 
2. I'm never tired of being your mom. 

3. The mirror is not the boss of you!
4. Nothing will make me love you more.
5. Nothing will make me love you less.
6. You can always come home.
7. Only God is perfect. Nothing else.
8. Jesus loves you.
9. The truth will set you free and is my easier than a messy lie.
10. You will love again. 
11. Bad haircuts eventually will grow out.
12. We need each other.
13. Challenge yourself. You can do it!
14. I am much more interested in your growth than your happiness.
15. A good friend loves at all times.
16. Real life is always better than in the movies or online.
17. Girlfriends are the best kind of free therapy.
18. Don't be afraid of a broken heart.
19. Patience in never wasted. It is a virtue.
20. Love waits.
21. Husbands need a wife. (not another mom)
22. Jesus loves you for just being you.
23. Daughters teach us about our moms. 
24. Stop for sunrises.
25. I want to be your friend, but I will be your mother first.
26. You can NOT control what others think about you. So let it go!
27. See the world.
28. Be the friend you wish you had.
29. Go big even if it means failing big.
30. Bad hair days happen. 
31. A good cry does make you feel better sometimes, and thats ok.
32. I love all the marks you left on my body, because without them I would not have you.
33. Fashion is not something I am good at, but I look forward to shopping with you.
34. God made all things beautiful- and that includes you! No matter what anyone might lead you to believe.
35. Marriage takes commitment and sacrifice, but it is the most fun you will ever have!
36. Your body is yours and a gift worth giving to your husband and him only.
37. Saying "your sorry" is a sign of strength not weakness.
38. The best way to not worry about other people gossiping about you, is to not gossip about anyone else.
39. I'm on your side, even if you think I am against you.
40. "Good girls" are not boring.
41. No prayer request is ever too small to bring before your heavenly Father.
42. You will never be too old for me to hold you.
43. Music will make you feel better, so sing and dance!

44. Cook, decorate, clean, organize, wear because you want to. Not because you feel like you have to.

45. As long as your Daddy is around he is always up for ice cream with you.
46. Your Daddy has loved you better and longer than any boy EVER.
47. I will fail you, but your Heavenly Father NEVER will.

I have been working on this post for a while and I think I could add something new every day, but for now this list is complete.

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  1. LOVE this list! I feel like when we have a girl there will be so much I want to teach her, but really, a lot of this can be taught to a boy...and should! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I LOVE this post. Thank you.


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