39 Weeks Pregnant

Well I have definitely gone a lot longer than I ever thought I would! I always heard that the more babies you have the quicker then come... well that is NOT true in my case. I have now been pregnant longer than I have before. I am extremely nervous that she is also going to be my biggest baby. I really hope not, but we will see? I went this morning to the doctor and was told that I was 4cm. Emma was definitely really low and for me to go home and wait till either my contractions were 5 minutes apart or my water broke. I really really tried to stress to her that this was my third baby, I live atleast 35 minutes away from the hospital, that my last baby was born within minutes of my water breaking, and I did NOT want to go home. She didn't really care... so I climbed back in my car and went home. Thankfully nothing has happened yet, but I already have plans to head back up there first thing in the morning, see another doctor, and see if they will go ahead and send me to the hospital. If anything for peace of mind! I do NOT want to have this baby at home or especially not on the side of the road! Thankfully I have two wonderful sisters who are coming tonight, since my poor mom has the flu and can't be around my kiddos, but since my sisters will be here if we need to rush out tonight we can! My contractions today have pretty much consistently been around 6-7 minutes, they are definitely growing more intense too. As excited as I am to meet our new little princess, this is the part where I start to grow anxious. Thankfully I know there are a lot of people praying for Emma and myself. 

Weight: 41 lbs. 
Sleep: Lets just say not good. I was so tired today too! I can no longer get comfortable. I have terrible indigestion. I get hungry usually at one point in the night and I try to ignore it, but that makes it even more difficult to sleep. Also my hips feel as if they have separated.
Cravings: Really just anything besides water to drink. I am so tired of drinking mostly water all the time.
Miss Anything: SLEEP! Even though I know I won't be getting anymore sleep anytime soon.
Looking Forward: to meeting our little girl VERY soon!

Easter 2016

The day before Easter we took the kids to a local church to participate in their Easter egg hunt. David Michael picked up about 4 eggs and saw someone blowing bubbles and he forgot all about the eggs. Grace on the other hand had definitely improved from her last Easter egg hunt. She filled her basket completely up. The funny part was once we brought home the eggs, both kids were more interested in playing with the plastic eggs than they were with what was inside the eggs. 
I love Easter Baskets! I really enjoy finding things to put in their baskets!

Most everything in their Easter baskets this year either came from dollar tree or the dollar section from target. I really don't think that they even care what is in the basket as long as they look forward to receiving their basket! We had their baskets ready for them when they came up for breakfast. 
After breakfast we went to church. Then after church some wonderful and gracious friends of ours had us over for lunch. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and enjoying time together. 

Sadly I did not take a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits, which I am really disappointed about, but hopefully I'll do better next year!

Grace's Basket included: puzzle, paint, chapstick, plastic horse (which is asks for every time we go to target?), stickers, sunglasses, chalk, and a shovel.
David Michael's Basket included: dinosaur plate, shovel, sunglasses, basketball (not pictured) and 2 books.

38 Weeks Pregnant

Well I went this morning to my doctor and was really hoping that I had progressed; sadly, I was only 2 cm.  I was a little disappointed, but I know God's timing is right and she will come when she needs to make her appearance. However, my bags are packed, car seat in the car and all the lists are marked off.

Weight: 39 lbs.
Sleep: I continue to have good nights and then bad nights.
Cravings: Really nothing. I really don't have much room left to eat.
Miss Anything: Being able to breathe. I also really would love to eat some sushi!
Looking Forward: Holding my precious baby girl!

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37 weeks with baby #3

We have arrived at full term! I feel so blessed to have carried all three of my babies to full term now. 

I went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up just in case something happens soon. When I went last week to the doctor he said I was just a little bit dilated, so it won't be too soon. My next appointment is Monday and I am anxious to find out if I have progressed any at all. I have said that I would like her to hold out until the 30th, but the way I feel lately I don't know if I can hold out that long!?!? I have been experiencing quite a few contractions, but they are really dependent upon how much I have been on my feet and how much water I have been able to consume.

Emma's room is finally complete and ready! We are still looking for a dresser for her, but until we find one her big sister has graciously let us use her dresser for the time being. Hope to share some pictures on the blog soon, as soon as I finish washing the last few things and hang some pictures.

Weight: 36 lbs.
Sleep: This week a long with the swelling, my sinuses are swelling which makes it difficult to breathe at night. So I wake up about every 2 hours. I guess it is just God's way of getting me ready to feed a baby.
Cravings: Nothing this week, mostly because I have been struggling for a while with acid re-flux which really makes it difficult to eat pretty much anything other than tums.
Miss Anything: Being able to be myself. I almost feel like a different person these days with the inability to bend over, unable to sleep, not able to eat much, my memory is shot, and my patience is almost nonexistent.
Looking Forward: Meeting our precious little baby!

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36 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

This week the swelling has hit in full swing! I am swelling daily in my hands, face, feet, ankles and even calves. My wedding rings had to come off due to the swelling too. I hate it when that day comes, however, it came a lot later with Emma than it did with the other two, but I think the time of year has a lot to do with that.

I have been able to get several things done for Emma this week: her crib is made, the car seat is washed and ready to go, the swing is washed, her Uncle Elliott and Aunt Brittany bought her a diaper genie for her room, the crib is set up in her room and all her sweet little clothes are washed and hanging in her closet.

Weight: 34 lbs.
Sleep: I am getting up about every two hours these days. Thankful for my wonderful husband who has been letting me sleep when I can.
Cravings: This week it has been a tie between Mexican cheese and sushi.  These quite possibly are my two favorite foods, so it is not the easiest for me to give up for 9 long months.
Miss Anything: This week I am just missing being myself. It takes me twice as long to get anything accomplished. I am usually a very productive person, but there is a lot of the day that all I want to do is just sit down, which is not like me at all.
Looking Forward: to my appointment tomorrow! Usually at 36 weeks they will check to see if I have progressed any and I am very anxious to see if I have or not?!?!

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35 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

This week actually flew by! I feel like I was just writing my 34 week post. I think I can contribute most of that because Saturday we had a family fun day in Greenville.  Most Saturdays for the last few years usually consist of me in my bedroom working on school work and Michael being a single dad for the day. Knowing that our weekends are becoming fewer and fewer as a family of four we decided to take the kids to the zoo, park and just soak up the sun. We all have a wonderful day as a family! 

Weight: 33 lbs. My original goal was to only gain 25lbs this pregnancy. I have really tried to accomplish my goal, however, you can see that I was way over that goal! I do not really understand why? I walk 4-5 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes. I squat a 24 lbs toddler all day. My diet has really not changed at all, except I know I snack more, but good snacks?
Sleep: I have been having good nights and bad nights. I have to wake up to roll over these days though. Emma is so far out there that it seems like a big ordeal in the middle of the night to roll over, but due to pain in my hips I have to roll often.
Cravings: I can honestly say this week what I could eat for just about every meal is a big veggie sub from subway! 
Missing Anything: Just being able to snuggle with my babies. David Michael has been struggling getting his four molars all the way threw and he wants me to hold him constantly and it is rather difficult these days to snuggle with him and soothe him.
Looking Forward: to completing my pre-clinical school work! I am very close to having another class under my belt! Just a few more assignments to wrap up and the end is that much closer.

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