Emma's First Birthday Party

In our house the first birthday is a pretty big deal. Michael and I always tell each other that if we make it to the first year we have "survived". There are a lot of changes that happen the first year after the addition of a new baby. 

Miss Emma or also known to her brother and sister as DoDa is the sweetest baby. She loves kisses, being held, her big brother and sister, anything to do with outside, and her daddy. Emma has been the perfect addition to our little family. 

On Emma's birthday she partied with family and friends. Her party was pretty early in the day, because lets face it babies are just happier in the morning. We had brunch which included: 3 egg casseroles, pancakes, fruit, cupcakes, and all the sprinkles for this little girl!

She cried when everyone was looking at her and singing to her (she comes by that honest). Her big sister and brother tried to make her feel better and help her eat her cake, but unfortunately that day cake was not her thing.

Sweet Emma your daddy and mommy love you to the moon and back. We can not wait to see what the Lord has in your future.  You have been exactly what our family needed.

Thank you Gentle Capture for the priceless photographs!
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