17 Weeks

4 Months down! Where has the time gone! Quickly we are making our way to delivery day! I went to the doctor today and found out that the placenta in anterior, meaning it is between me and the baby. This means I won't be able to feel the baby move as much until it gets stronger and bigger. This is a relief to men because I can count on one hand how many times I have felt it, which definitely makes this momma a little worried! But I was able to hear the heartbeat and that always makes me feel so much better and thankful! We are already so in love with this little one!

Weight: -2 lbs.
Sleep: This week was horrible! I would sleep for about two hours and then be up for four! But I haven't been over tired? I even woke up one night and wrote a paper for school!
Missing Anything: I miss sleeping soundly all night! I hope that will come to an end soon. I haven't been exercising like a should. I hope to start exercising more and I am sure that will help.
Cravings: I think I ate more yogurt this week than I have in a long time!
Looking forward: To finding out the gender on the 19th!! 

16 Weeks

I can not believe that we have almost hit the 4 month mark! Where has the time gone! Right now the weeks are flying by! 
I felt the baby kick once this week. It was very obvious what it was! Can't wait to see our little one move all the time!

Weight: -2 lbs. These kids keep me moving and on the go!
Sleep: This week was a little rough just because David Michael cut THREE teeth! Poor little guy kept waking up in the middle of the night and early in the morning.
Miss Anything: Mexican cheese. Michael went with some guys to eat Mexican food because he knows I can't.
Cravings: Really not much. Just water. I drink so much water!
Looking forward: to my doctor's appointment next week! I always love hearing the little heartbeat and know that everything is OK.

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Week 15

Week 15
Weight: 0 lbs. Not because I have not been eating, but chasing after my two little ones definitely keep me going!
Sleep: I fall asleep great, but then around 1-2 I wake up and am awake for an hour?? I try everything to fall asleep, but I am just wide awake.
Mileage: 0. I have not had the energy to run at all, but I have been walking daily.
Miss Anything: Diet Sunkist and Sushi. Oh and sleeping on my stomach!
Cravings: Not really anything, I guess if I have to say something I have been eating a lot of yogurt.
Looking Forward: Finding out the sex of our little tie breaker. I have been thinking of nursery ideas and can't wait to know if I am leaning towards pink or blue!

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Weeks 6- 14 Baby #3 Update

Week 6
Weight: -2 lbs. Had the stomach bug this week. However, ever since the bug left I still have VERY nausea. There is nothing I want to eat at all. I truly am forcing myself to eat for the baby.
Sleep: As good as it can be with two little kids. David Michael is getting better, but still not sleeping through the night consistently.
Mileage: 9 this week.
Miss Anything: Of course I miss my caffeine. I did not know how much I was dependent upon it. I have cut it out.
Cravings: Chic fil a chocolate milkshakes!
Looking Forward: Having my first OB appointment. It is still weeks away, but that seriously is all I can think about! I can't wait to see our new addition up on that screen!!

Week 7
Weight: 0 lbs. Back to where I was the past few months. However, I can tell that my shorts aren't feeling quite as comfortable as they were.
Sleep: School started back for me this week and it is always difficult for my brain to calm down after class. When I was consistently getting in bed at 8:30 or 9 I don't even get home until 10pm. Things are definitely changing.
Mileage: 0 miles this week. Recovering from being sick.
Miss Anything: This week it would have to be energy. The afternoon hits and all I can think about is laying down.
Cravings: Nothing this week. Surviving on goldfish.
Looking Forward: Having my first OB appointment.

Week 8 
I don't know what happened this week! Time flies. This week is a blur. This pregnancy has me completely exhausted!

Week 9
Weight: -2 lbs. I have no idea where those two pounds went except possibly taken away by stress.
Sleep: This week has ranged from 10 hours to 3 hours a night. Been a very busy week of school, kids, and life.
Mileage: 0 miles. Walked a few miles, but no running this week.
Cravings: Anything cold: Popsicle, milkshakes, oranges, water and dr. pepper.
Looking Forward: To finally telling everyone! My mom has been around this week and it is so difficult to not tell her. I am so ready for everyone to know!

Week 10
Weight: 0 lbs.
Sleep: Has been difficult this week. The bad dreams have started. I have had bad dreams with the other two as well.
Mileage: 8 miles.
Cravings: Water.
Looking Forward: To telling family about our new addition!

Week 11
Weight: 0 lbs. Even though I have not gained any weight yet... my clothes definitely are not fitting like they used to! I even find myself, since our new addition is not common knowledge, that I keep gravitating towards bigger clothes. I am not looking forward to maternity clothes, but I am all about comfort!
Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good, except for the nightmares. Thankfully my wonderful husband and been doing a lot of the early morning shifts allowing me to get a little extra sleep.
Mileage: 0 miles. Took the week off. One because the scare of bleeding definitely threw me for a loop.
Cravings: I really wish I could put something. I am very hungry often, but very few things sound appealing.
Looking Forward: Holding our little one in my arms and kissing its precious cheeks! I know we have a long way to go, but I am still looking forward to that moment!

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Week 14
Weight: 2 lbs. I had to break out the maternity clothes too!
Sleep: I have had good nights and bad nights. Thankfully my wonderful husband has been taking most of the early morning shifts which really does give me more energy during the day.
Mileage: 0 miles. I have not made running a priority lately. I really want to get more miles in.
Cravings: Salad. But salad with lots of "stuff" on it.
Looking Forward: To finding out what our little tie breaker will be!

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