Beautiful Fall Weekend

I am so happy that Fall is officially here! This weekend was mostly spent outside! (We do not say "outside" in our house unless you are going there. Grace knows what it means and will immediately run to the door!) 

Our weekend began on Thursday with the arrival of Grandmommy and Aunt Rebekah. 

Grace and I was anxiously waiting for them to get here! It had been too long! 

Grandmommy and Aunt Rebekah played with Grace while Michael and I had a much needed date just the two of us! (it had been 10 months!) Michael took me to a very romantic restaurant over looking the water and sunset. We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening! Of course we ended out date at dairy queen! (you understand this if you know my husband at all!)

If you didn't think the weekend could get any better, well it did! Aunt Karen and Aunt Margaret came on Friday! 

Saturday Michael and I got to go on another date... Tailgating with some of our favorite people! 

Hope you had a wonderful Fall filled weekend!

Baby Fashion

If you have known me for any length of time you know that fashion is just not one of my things. However, I love baby fashion!

Fall is my favorite time of the year and that includes the clothes too! Here are a few of our Fall outfits Grace has been rocking. (And quite well I might add)

You might remember these boots from a very iconic photo. I have been anxiously awaiting the day when she would fit into them, and the day has finally arrived!

We have been wearing a lot of leggings!  Grace has just about every color. (I wish it was ok for mama to wear them everyday too!) You can not go wrong with leggings!

Of course Grace has to sport red when NC STATE plays.

These gold shoes are making another appearance! She loves them and they are just too cute not to wear. 

Enjoy this Fall weather! You know we will be!

Happy 91st Birthday Grandpa

We had the honor of heading to NC to spend the weekend with Michael's grandpa and Grace's great grandpa on his 91st birthday! 

Grandpa has seven children and Michael's mom is one of the babies. She made sure his birthday was one of his best!

Grace loves her "Papa Lea" and I am so glad that she gets to spend this precious time with him!

Not often you can take a 4 generation picture!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! Hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!


Ok, ok!! Today is the day you have all been anxiously awaiting!! My Etsy shop is officially open!!! 

I know you are so excited that you want to shout it on the mountain tops! I would rather you just go tell your neighbors, friends, moms, teachers etc. Please share the news! 

I have several items listed, but I would love to work with you on a custom orders too! 

Please head over to ETSY and check out all the cuteness over there! Please let me know what you think or what you would like to see!

My Love List

Everyone is writing about their current loves and I am falling into the peer pressure and writing mine too. 

ONE- This beautiful fall weather! I love being able to open the windows and doors and feel fall coming into my home. Grace and I have been spending hours and hours outside this week because it is just too pretty to be inside!

TWO- My awesome group of mommas that I have been running with three days a week. Only mommas wake up and pound the pavement at 5am. I joined the Anderson chapter of "Moms Run This Town". 

THREE- Preparing for my upcoming ETSY shop that will be opening on MONDAY!!! I have been sewing away these last few weeks! I am very excited and can not wait to connect with you!

FOUR- My fall wreath that I made for our front door. And it only cost $6!

FIVE- These gold shoes that I picked up for Grace for less that $5! She loves them too! She doesn't want to take them off! That works for me!

Hope you have a wonderful day! What are you currently loving? I would love to hear!


I am so quick to complain, feel sorry for myself, wish my life looked different, want more and the list goes on. This morning the Lord reminded me that I live a blessed life. This life is so quick to make our priorities and perspectives get out of whack. When all we are promised is His love. And that is all we need. 

I am blessed with more than I was ever promised. I have the best husband in the whole world! He loves the Lord with his entire heart first. His heart breaks for those who do not know about our great God. He loves his family and works so hard to provide everything we need and more. 

I have a beautiful and precious daughter whom I love so much! She brings joy to anything and everything. I just hope and pray that she will learn the love of her Savior.

I am reminded and encouraged to write this post because a little three year old boy is sitting on Jesus's lap this morning. Ever since I became a mom my heart aches so much for little children and their moms.  Something changes the moment you hold that gift that you have been given. But that is what they are... They are not ours, but HIS. 

Thank you Lord, for the gifts that you have given me. I love you Lord. 

Weekend Update

Here in South Carolina the weather was absolutely perfect this past weekend! How could we not spend most of it outside!? 

We jumped in the car and headed to the mountains of NC. Michael had planned out a hike for us with three water falls along the way. 

We had packed some fruit, water and crackers and stopped by subway to pick up a sandwich (all month of September all subs are $5!) to have a picnic. 

I think Grace approved!

Grace even got in a little swim, which of course was her favorite part of the day!

By this point we were at the third waterfall and very tired. 

Finishing the hike we had been gone for 7 hours! Grace did so good and soaked up every minute of being outside! This girl would live outside if we would let her!

We finished up the evening at the fair with Grace's Uncle Justin, Aunt Jessica and Luke. I can not remember the last time I had a funnel cake, and let me tell you it was WONDERFUL!

Sunday was spent working in the yard, cleaning the house so we could relax and watch some football that evening.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed this beautiful weather!

Coming Soon...

I am here to announce.... Wait for it... My very own Etsy shop!!! I am very excited!!! (can't you tell) I have been wanting to so this for a while, but did not quite have the guts to make it happen. Finally with the encouragement from my wonderful husband and friends, I am going open a shop! 

You are now going to have an opportunity to have a sneak peak into what I have been working on recently:

Clemson Dress (Since I do live in the upstate of SC)

 Jersey Knit Dress (5T)

 Heart Dress (9-12 month)

 Hair Bow Holder

Hair Bow Holder

Now you may be wondering... Why is she telling us about her "upcoming" shop instead of just announcing the opening of her shop? Well I am glad you asked. I need YOUR help!

1. Spread the word! I would love to be sewing one of these precious dresses or creating a hair bow holder everyday to make a little girl's day!

2. If you are not already, become a follower of God's Little Grace. This way you will know about new items and coupons!

3. As you know, if you have been following my blog, I am not a photographer! I need your advice how to photograph my items??? Outside? Inside? Hanging? On the ground?

Thank you for your help! 

Grocery Day!

Tomorrow is grocery day!!! We love Wednesdays around here because when it comes to Tuesday night the fridge is EMPTY. I do not buy too many pre-packaged items, but below are a few items (besides the stapes- bread, milk, cheese, etc.) I can not leave without picking up: 

1. Ragu Garden Combination- We have spaghetti about once a week (it is Michael's favorite meal). This sauce is tasty and has hidden veggies. I usually doctor it up a little bit and even add more veggies I have in the fridge. 

2. Plum Puffs- Grace loves these puffs the most out of all the different brands. Even though she pretty much eats anything these days I like to have these for emergencies and she loves them!

3. Peanut Butter- We eat a lot of peanut butter! It is quick, easy and fills you up! This is a natural peanut butter and has A LOT less sugar. 

4. Frozen Rolls- We have been loving this bread lately! It is a good accompaniment to almost any meal.

5. Stoneyfield Yogurt- Grace loves yogurt. She would eat it for every meal if I would allow her. I feel good giving her this yogurt. It is organic and whole milk. 

(I think she approves of the food!)

What can you not leave at the store?

Just Another Weekend

Thankfully this weekend was full of family time! The weather this weekend was refreshing and delightful. We took advantage of this and stayed outside most of the time. 

We are still fairly new to the Upstate and went exploring Lake Jocassee on Saturday. Saturday was full of gravel roads, beautiful views, hiking, swimming and a picnic.

We ended the weekend with a little Daddy daughter dancing...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! And now just 5 short days before we do it again!

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun filled Labor Day Weekend and I hope yours was too! Of course we love anytime that Michael can be home for an extra day! Grace is completely in love with her daddy! Saturday we had the opportunity to hang out with some of our great friends. We went to the Clemson vs Georgia game and tailgated all day. 

Actually we did not even go to the game... we only live about 20 minutes or less away, so we came home and put Grace to bed and watched the game from our very comfortable couches! (which is the way I like it, not necessarily Michael) Grace loved tailgating! She thought it was awesome that there was so much food to be eaten!

Sunday was spent painting our old wooden windows on the outside. YUCK! Not the most fun part of the weekend, but it desperately needed to be done! Now they look bright white and pretty.

Monday we jumped right now finishing up the windows so we could spend the afternoon with some new friends of ours and on their 200 ft slip n slide!!!

Grace is our fearless baby! She wanted to go again and again! You can watch a video here. 

Hope you had a wonderful LONG weekend!
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