Denver Downs 5K

It doesn't matter how many races I have done, I still get butterflies in my stomach. I know that I am only fighting against myself, but the nerves still get me! 

Saturday I ran my second 5K since Grace was born. I ran Denver Downs 5K in Anderson, SC. I have to say I loved this race and hated it at the same time! Lets begin with the negative... the race cost me $27 but did not even have a race clock, according to my Garmin the course was only 2.77 miles and the finish line was a little ambiguous. The positives were the course was AWESOME! We ran through a corn maze (they made it easy to follow, no thinking involved), most of the race was off of asphalt, and I was able to run with some of the best mommas ever!!!

I have to say though this race was so much better than my previous 5K since Grace was born. (you can find that here and my last race here) Last 5K I finished in 28:04 which was sad to me. I was happy that I ran that after having given birth, but still not happy with my time. Saturday my finishing time was 22.01! Much better than before! If the race was a full 5K then my projected time would have been 24:36! I am very happy with this time. Also last 5K I was fourth in my age group, but this time I was the 3rd girl to finish overall!

So to all you mommas out there who are wondering if you will get your speed back, please do not be discouraged! In time and hard work! I have an awesome friend who has really pushed me and made me a much better runner! (Thanks Brooke!)

(I have to add that this lady finished 2nd and was a complete minute ahead of me! She is really is an amazing running and a better friend! Thanks!)


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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