Post Baby Weight

I am sad to admit that I was very nervous about being able to lose weight postpregnancy. Mainly because I love running and the heavier you are the harder it is to run that way I want to. Running is "my time", my escape, my stress reliever and something that just makes me happy! 

Thankfully I have been able to lose all the weight I gained during pregnancy! (All 49 pounds!!!)

This is how I did it:
- Stopped eating sugar. Meaning I still eat things that have sugar in them, like yogurt and such, but no desserts. (ice cream)
- No sugary drinks and lots and lots of water! Which if you are breastfeeding I don't know how you can make it if you are not constantly drinking water!
- Eat when I am hungry. I tried to eat when my body needed it and not just because it was time to eat. Which ended up meaning that I eat several meals a day.
- Breast Feed.They say this takes off pounds and I believe it does, along with all the added benefits to you and your baby!

- Exercise at least four days a week. Since Grace broke my tailbone during delivery I was unable to not only exercise, but move for weeks! When I was able to begin walking I did. I started walking as much as I could. Eventually I was walking an hour with pushing a stroller. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly too so  it does make it a lot more challenging. When it began getting too cold to take my little one out or it was raining I would do an exercise video. Now if you are wondering which video I have been using... well you are going to laugh. You see my mom used to do a video (and I mean VHS) when I was growing up and I have been borrowing it from her. I really do love it! They sing praise songs, I have it memorized, it is split into three twenty minute sections, so I can workout for an hour or less depending on Grace, and I do not have to go and try to find another one that works. The video is Stormie Omartian Exercise for Life. I am sure there are other great ones out there, but this one did it for me! I really get at it too, I don't just go through the motions. If you want to lose weight you have to sweat!

This is Grace's face when she watches her momma do such funny exercise moves.

- Play with your baby. We will dance around the house, play on the floor, tummy time pushups.

I Hope this encourages some new moms. It can be done! 


  1. Congratulations! BTW that is the cutest face I have ever seen!

    1. It is the cutest face ever! You are right Grandmommy!

  2. Hey girl!! I can't respond to any of your comments on my blog because your profile doesn't have an email address :-( so sad!


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