Weekend Update (part 1)

Fall is here in South Carolina and it just makes you want to spend all your day outside. So this weekend that is what we decided to do with our time. We took Grace on her first camping trip! 

Before Grace was born, we would go camping all the time. We love being outside and we also love that it is fairly inexpensive and you can make more of your weekend that way. We usually hike into a location and camp, but for Grace's first time camping we decided to car camp at Cascade Lake Campground. It was a beautiful setting right on the water. As soon as we got out of the car Grace was in heaven! She would live outside if she could! Grace and I explored while, daddy set up the tent and site. Then it was time to sit and enjoy!

Grace was a trooper! We grilled hamburgers, baked beans and apples. We had our blowup set up in the tent with Grace's pack-n-play mattress right beside the blowup. When it was time for bed she laid right down and fell asleep! Michael and I thought it could not get much better than this! She is asleep, we sat by the fire with a glass of wine and marshmallows! Then that is when the night became interesting...

At mid-night I am awoken to a gasp beside me. Grace is gasping for air and not able to breath. I grab her and lay her on my chest and she is still wheezing and gasping. Michael jumps up and we rush in the car. Grace almost immediately starts to breath better once in the car... HUM... We were ready to drive to the ER! Thankfully Michael's brother and family live down the road about 30 minutes from where were camping. We call him and to tell him know we were coming to crash on his couch. Grace slept on her daddy that night to make sure she did not have another episode. She was still wheezing all night, but thankfully no more gasping. We are pretty sure Grace has croup. Very scary, but rarely serious. 

Tune in tomorrow to hear the rest of the weekend...

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  1. I about stopped breathing myself when I read that grace was having trouble breathing! :( so glad to hear she is ok!!!

    1. Thank you! It was really scary, but thankfully she is ok. Praise!the Lord1


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