Month 3 Must Haves

This past few months hav flown by! I can not believe how quickly baby Grace has grown. There are not too many days that go by that I do not have to pack up more clothes that she has out grown.

When I was thinking about what to include in this month... There were so many things that I wanted to include from previous months: soothie pacifiers, pack n play, desitin, diaper genie and more. These are the things I could not have lived without this month:

1. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags- Your worst nightmare when pumping is losing milk after pumping. I will be honest pumping STINKS!! It is so much more enjoyable to nurse your little one. Of course to let daddy feed her or grandma so mommy can have a break it is a necessary evil. These bags a  keep your treasured milk in the freezer so you never need to throw out milk.

2. Munchkin Bath Pad- Grace's legs were hanging out of the little bath tub, and one of my very good friends had given me this and told me it was one of her must haves. Now I know why. This is so easy to lay in the bottom of the tub and wash her down and she can kick in the water and play. It is also very portable. 

3. Safety First Humidifier- Now that we have had to turn on the heat it really dries her out. I have this set up right next to her crib and it has made a big difference in her breathing and of course it is cute and pink!

4. Fisher Price Kick and Play Chair- We went to go visit some friends and they had this chair and it has been a life saver! This is how I am able to take a shower, cook dinner, and even eat. She stays entertained for a good while. I also feel that it is helping with her motor skills. She has to learn that she had to kick to make noise and light up. She just smiles and sings every time she sits in it!

5. Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Lotion- I think this stuff really does help her sleep and it smells so good!

Hope this is helpful! Now this is just my opinion and what has worked for us. I really have gotten much of my advice from other experienced moms. If you have any other products that are must haves or that you and your little one love, feel free to post them in the comments, especially for the upcoming months.


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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