McKenzie Wedding

Three weeks ago Grace officially gained an Aunt and I recieved a new sister! We are so thankful and grateful that Uncle Elliott met the absolutely best bride. I look forward to years together.

Their wedding was God centered, family oriented and lots of fun!

The groom, Elliott, is one of Michael's older brothers. He has a gift with people, culture and languages. He waited a long time for "the one" and I am really glad he did because he received a jewel. 

The bride, Brittany, is a pediatric nurse and is working on finishing becoming a nurse practitioner. (let me tell you with those three brothers selfishly I am glad she will be around throughout the Holidays- boys are rough!) Brittany loves her Savior more than anything, keeps her nails perfect (something I am a little jealous over -  guilty nail-biter), loves to dance and is going to make us all fat with her mad baking skills.

Elliott and Brittany were nice (and brave) enough to ask Grace to be their flower girl. Grace definitely looked the part, but walk down the isle... she did not do. I am very disappointed. Looking back I would have done things a little differently, but they are still married.

 Brittany did an excellent job with all the logistics, decorating and atmosphere. I am sure you will see elements of their wedding on pinterest real soon! Check out their video you will not be disappointed!

Welcome to the Family Brittany! I look forward to laughing, crying, holidays, raising our children together and learning from each other. 

Love you brother and sister


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  1. We had a great time, and we will never forget Grace dancing!


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