Half Way There!!!

I know I am wearing the same outfit as I wore in my post from 18 Weeks, (I know my sisters will notice) but when you only have a couple pairs of maternity shorts and still wearing the last few regular shirts that fits this is what you get.

Weight: 9 lbs total still. Not any change from last week. Probably because this week none of Grace's Aunts were around so I was left to keeping up with her alone.
Sleep: Being back in my own bed really does help, but I can sit here and complain all day about the back and hip aches, but I will spare you!
Mileage: 7.5 miles. Let me remind you I run all my miles pushing a 30 lb weight... aka Grace. So maybe I should double what I ran since I ran it for both of us? Just Kidding. Wish it was more this week, but a few days of rain put me out of commission. I thoroughly loved the rain though! We (and by we I mean Michael) got some things done around the house which I really wanted done.
Miss Anything: I know it is WAYYYYY to early to be saying this, but I already feel like a whale. I also miss sleeping on my stomach too.
Cravings: Salsa! Publix makes an excellent salsa and I could eat it all day long!
Looking Forward: TOMORROW!!! We find out the sex! I seriously am obsessed. I can not think about anything else. I know everyone is tired of me talking about it, but I can literally not help it! Boy or Girl I will be completely thrilled as long as it is healthy.

For comparison here I am 20 weeks pregnant with Grace. I am definitely a lot bigger with this baby than Grace!


  1. You look lovely! I know you might not feel that way, but you look wonderful. Definitely carrying #2 lower, but that is par for the course. Cannot wait to find out the gender!

    1. Thank you Mommy and you will find out soon enough!

  2. Yay for finding out the sex!!! I love hearing pregnant woman's cravings, it is so funny to me! I have not heard salsa yet!

    1. Salsa is so yummy! That makes me want some right now!


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