3, 3 and under...


- atleast one kids shoes were not remembered more than once
- Father's Day attempt at going out to eat, ended in us leaving after a paci was thrown across the restaurant and a newborn wouldn't stop screaming.
- car was packed for a long weekend trip and after an hour or screaming we turned around and came back home.
- we never leave the house house after 1pm
- we have pacifiers in every room in the house
- the washing machine runs daily
- never leave the house without the stroller, oh and wipes, and diapers, pacis, snacks, water, and a change of clothes- no not just for the kids, but for you too

- bedtime is 7:30 and I don't ever see that changing
- I buy three different kinds of milk every week
- I actually do still like chic-fil-a even though that is the only place we ever eat and maybe that is because food is really just a necessity around here
- The only movies I watched in the past three years have been ones I watch in the middle of the night while feeding a baby or up with a sick baby
- Our freezer has more breastmilk in it than anything
- Mommy is said 100 no 1000 no 10000 times a day
- 6 hours of sleep is AWESOME!


- I am loved by three little hearts
- When they say, "mommy" I know I am needed
- When I am lacking sleep it is because I get to hold my baby
- I haven't watched movies in forever because I get to play with my kids
- I buy three different kinds of milk because all three of my kids are healthy
- The washing machine runs daily because we have a wonderful husband and father who provides for us
- We forget shoes because we have shoes to wear

As much as I like to complain, feel sorry for myself, feel worn out... I have to remember that I have been blessed with the greatest blessings in the world; my kids.


  1. I love it! And you are an awesome mom because you are doing that and getting your Masters...you are my hero!

    1. I am so overjoyed that we are almost done! I am soooooo ready!

  2. Love this!!! After some challenging days with only 2 this is a great reminder! I should also add we took Christian trick or treating without shoes when he was 2! Lol in our defense his costume covered his feet 😂 And that was when he was an only! Lol

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets shoes!!


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