Grandma Came For The Weekend!

We had such a great weekend... Because Grandma came! I love it when family comes to visit! Michael and I have an open door policy to family. We are so excited to have our own house with a spare bedroom for family and friends to come and stay. 

Grandma had not come to see us since October so it was definitely a treat for her to be here. (She lives a little over 4 hours away.) Grace laughed, played, and screamed for Grandma. She even gave her some "special" kisses.

Grandma played with Grace so mommy and daddy could have some alone time. What did we do? We trimmed trees and picked up sticks, while it was freezing and some snow flurries. Not exactly what I had in mind for alone time, but we love being outside and together so it was perfect. 

We can not wait to host more family in our new home!


  1. When I visit, I want a blog post! this baby girl is growing up..

    1. You come sometime and you can get a post! We just have to take a lot of pictures!!!


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