How My Running Career Began

Most of you know that I am obsessed with running! (I really mean obsessed too, meaning I always have my running shoes with me just in case.) Many of you might not know how it all began.

I grew up in a house with a mom who ran all the time. I wanted to be just like her! I would wake up in the morning and come down the stairs and she would already be back from her run, had her devotions and now would be making breakfast for us kids. (wow right!) She is amazing! Sometime during middle school I began waking up early to run with her. (I do not know what possessed me at all??) I began just running a mile loop and toward the end I would pretend to throw up so I could take a break. Slowly over time I began to make it around that mile loop and then I could go even further with her. Until one time during a snow storm, being locked in the house with EVERYONE, I went for a run and kept going. I made it that day 10 miles and thought I had conquered the world! I was addicted! During college it became "my time". I decided my freshmen year to run a marathon. I am not quite sure what my family thought, but I was determined. 

Since then I have run numerous races of varying lengths, coached cross country and am able to travel with my husband running races. I look forward to many more days filled with running!

ps. Stay tuned and I will tell you more about my first marathon!


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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