My First Mother's Day

My wonderful family really gave me a Mother's Day Weekend! I am so blessed! 

Our weekend began early on Saturday with our First Family Race! I love to run, so there was no better way than to start off "my" weekend with a race. The best part was that the race was sponsored by Chic-Fil-A which happens to be one of my most favorite places to eat! 

After the race I got to choose where we went out to lunch, which if you know us we never go out to eat so this was a special treat! I decided on Chilis! (I can eat my weight in chips!) The afternoon was filled with playtime and resting! I even got a package in the mail from my giving sister, Margaret. Finished the day off with a big milkshake! I thought I could not have a better day...

Until Sunday morning I woke up with a plate of eggs, toast, bacon, grapes and roses. My wonderful husband and Grace had make breakfast and picked roses for me before I even woke up! 

Before going to church we had a little mother daughter photo shoot. 

After church we ran into Subway picked up a sandwich and headed home for a picnic in the backyard. 

I think she is ready to eat?!?!

When I think about this sweet little girl and being her mom, I am just in awe of her. I am so thankful for God letting me take care of her for this season. 

I love being your mom Grace.


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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