In My Blood...

I can't escape it... It is in my blood...Even on vacation... We RUN!

I am blessed and cursed with a family of runners. 
I remember waking up before school to a sweaty MOM making us breakfast, after her run.
My little BROTHER, Oliver, ran for Wingate University in North Carolina and now works for Charlotte Running Company. (Which if you ever need awesome service and advice on running shoes go check them out!) 
Callie, my SISTER-IN-LAW and Oliver's wife, just recently ran her first half marathon and I am so very proud of her!

Margaret, my SISTER, has run 2 half marathons and runs almost every day and happens to be one of my favorite running partners.

My baby SISTER, Rebekah, and my lovable SISTER, Karen have both recently gotten the running bug.
I have a very talented and successful BROTHER-IN-LAW, Justin, or otherwise known as Coach Mac. He ran in college at Lees McRae and set records! He has been the coach of the state multiple times for cross country and track! 

I also have another very wonderful BROTHER-IN-LAW who ran for Brevard College in North Carolina and continues to run races. (and wins)
Most talented of all is my HUSBAND. (I am not biased at all) He has coach track and cross country and has run multiple marathons with me, even though he doesn't enjoy them. He even ran the Edinburgh marathon for me, because I was very pregnant and could not, but let me finish the last 3 miles! Now that is love!

As you can tell there is no getting around it. We ALL love running because it will always be in our blood. I am so thankful and blessed with my wonderful running family!


  1. So fun! i truly wish that i could learn how to run. What would you suggest?

    1. I always say start small. First day run from one mailbox to the next and then walk the next and alternate. Begin with a mile and then after that feels comfortable run from 2 mailboxes. Hope this helps!

  2. I am getting ready to go running right now!


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