How I Did It (Grace's Birthday)

I have been asked how I put Grace's birthday party together. Well now my secrets will be revealed...

These were the highlight of the day and by far one of the easiest things to prepare. I stole the idea from my very good friend Ashely. I actually had never made rice crispy treats before. I do not know why not?!?! They are so easy!!! I used Kelloggs recipe. 

These beautiful flower arrangements were all flowers that I have growing in my yard with a little from my neighbor's too. My wonderful mother-in-law put the arrangements together exactly as I had envisioned. This cake was made by Grace's daddy. He really wanted something that would appeal to Grace. The recipe tasted really like banana bread and Grace loved it! (if you read the recipe we deleted the brown sugar rum glaze and pecans) I have to admit the cupcakes did not turn out exactly as I had planned. The icing was excellent, but the cupcakes were very dense. 

I bought these straws off etsy. The forks and spoons are from dollar tree!!! 

Now let me just say this is the BEST pimento cheese recipe ever! People who don't even like pimento cheese like this recipe, and of course if I made it, it was EASY! Next time I make this recipe, I will double it so I can eat more!

Grace's shirt came from Kari's Creative Kreations. She made it exactly as I had thought in my mind, but could not communicate. I bought the skirt from Khols for $2.00 and the bow I bought for a $1.00 at a consignment sale!

I stole the banner idea from my friend Heidi. There was a picture from each month of Grace's life. And now it makes a great little decoration in her room! 

My wonderful sister, Karen, helped me make these tissue paper pom poms. I bought the table clothes from dollar tree. All the food coloring is Electric pink from Hobby Lobby. I hope this will help you in your future parties! 


  1. You got some great deals!! I am already intimidated by the thought of throwing a first birthday party but you made it look very simple! :)

    1. Don't let me fool you... I was intimidated too! (which is why I procrastinated) I just came up with a manageable theme: pink & green, and then made a plan. Pinterest really helped too!


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