Running With A Stroller

Before Grace was born I had in my mind that me and my mini me would go and run everyday together.  I was blessed with the best stroller and just knew it would be a seamless transition from running alone. Could I ever be so wrong! I learned a few things out about myself... I do not like to be pushed, I enjoy my own pace, I do not have to run EVERYDAY (although I am happier if I do), and I am a lot weaker than I thought. 

The first few times running with a stroller was A LOT harder than I had imagined and really there was more walking than running! BUT... it can be done.

Here are a few things I have learned that make running with a stroller more enjoyable:
- find a spot that is fairly flat
- bring your little one snacks, juice, toys, coat etc.
- find a place with a playground as a reward for sitting throughout your run
- don't set time expectations for yourself in the beginning
- listen to music with one earpiece, the other out so you can hear your little one
- if they fall asleep push yourself to keep going until they wake up. Make a game out of it.

Benefits of running with a stroller:
- makes you stronger
- fresh air for you and your little one
- more quality time together
- when you are not pushing a stroller, you feel like you could fly!

Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP!


  1. I think I'm going to sell my stroller. I have to push with one hand and that's not always very easy. Meredith can now get herself out and stand up! Makes for one nervous momma!!

    1. I understand. I can only run holding with one hand too. I just can't run holding with two hands. The good thing is bobs are not loosing their value much at all!

  2. Gosh, I felt like I wrote this!!! Great tips!!!! :)

    1. Thank you! That is the best compliment you could have given!

  3. So good to know! I gave up on running outside because it was so much work! Especially when I added in my puppy too! I can't go for a walk/run without him too! ha ha

    1. Yeah I leave our doggy at home and daddy takes her out for a run after dinner. I can not make it happen for her to tag along either!


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