David Michael's Birth Story- Part 2

Day two of David Micheal's life was pretty exciting! His Grandmommy, Uncle Oliver, Aunt Callie, Aunt Margaret, Aunt Karen, Aunt Rebekah and most importantly his BIG SISTER were there to greet him! I was so excited and anxious for Grace to meet her baby brother.

It was a pretty hard first night with David Michael, not because he was a bad sleeper, but because it was the first night my baby girl spent away from me. I missed her terribly and was praying and hoping she was managing ok without us. Thankfully her Aunt Karen had spent a little time with us before David Micheal's arrival, so she knew Grace's nighttime routine. I wanted Grace's world to be rocked as little as possible.

Grace was so happy to meet her baby brother. She immediately wanted to hold him, and did a great job! I believe she made the connection that "her baby" (as she likes to say) had made his way out into the world.

We were able to go home after twenty-four hours. Our family was so wonderful to have Thanksgiving dinner ready and waiting for us that evening! It was an absolutely perfect day!

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  1. Congratulations on your handsome new addition! Thank you for welcoming me back to the blogging world. I can't wait to read what it's like with 2 kids! :)


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