Our Schedule...

Oh my, where has the time gone? Baby Grace is already two months old and it is so hard to believe. In the first couple weeks I just wanted time to stand still and her to stay as a newborn, but as she grow and changes I fall more in love every day! I now love to watch her grow literally in front of me.

Now she is smiling and interacting with me as we play. I can not explain to you how it melts my heart when she smiles when I walk into the room.

Here is a look into our typical day...

2:00-5:00am: She wakes up sometime for her nighttime feeding. Throughout the night she might wake up a few times grunting, sighing and farting but never really wakes up, but of course wakes her mommy up. She currently sleeps in our room in her bassinet on the pack in play, swaddled with a swaddle me. We have tried not swaddling her, but that does not work and we will continue this until she sleeps better. She eats at this time and then because of her acid reflux I hold her upright for about 20 minutes while she sleeps until I put her back in her bassinet.

5:00-7:00am: She wakes up again usually because she had to pass gas and her daddy gets her up now and holds her until around 7 when he has to get ready for work. Most of the time she falls back to sleep on his chest and they have daddy daughter cuddle time. At 7 I get back and nurse her in bed while I am half asleep. I don't know about you, but when I wake up I am so hungry so I am just waiting for her to finish eating so I can go eat! After she is done nursing, she sits in her play chair while I eat. We talk and play before she goes back to sleep around 8:30. She naps for around 30-45 minutes and we play until it is time to eat again.

9:30am: She eats again and after nursing we either go outside on a walk. Grace loves her stroller and looking at all the trees, especially this time of year.

12:00pm: Another feeding time. After this is tummy time, playing with toys, and reading books. I also try to get some housework done at this time. She watches me vacuum, fold clothes, clean dishes, and all the other things I need to do.

(Here are some of our favorite books)

2:30pm: Yet again another feeding and by this time she is pretty tired so we do our errands or just go somewhere to get out of the house at this time. If we keep moving she will sleep till around 4 or so. If we stay at home it is a fifty fifty chance that she will sleep that long. Whatever nap she does get is when mommy prepares dinner for the evening.

(Here are some of her favorite toys)

5:00pm: Dinner time for Grace. After this feeding we are anxiously awaiting when daddy will get home from work! His work hours vary greatly, so this might mean 5:30 or it could mean 7? When he gets home I have everything ready for dinner and we sit and eat. We have found a good use why he is left handed and I am right... We sit at the table with Grace in her chair between us so I can attend to her with my left hand and Michael can attend to her with his right hand. The older she gets the less we have to attend to her and she will just play.

7:15pm: Bath time! Grace loves bath time! She plays and laughs and does not mind it at all. Just a few nights ago we moved from the sink to the big girl bath tub. She no longer fits into the baby tub any longer :( It sure is a lot easier to in the sink though, because you don't have to lean over. After bath, pjs and swaddled. She will them nurse for 30-45 minutes till she falls asleep. Once she is really asleep she is down for the night. Then we begin all over again :)

I know, that is one heck of a schedule. I really tried to set the feeding time for my own sanity, but the rest just kind of fell into place. I definitely do not live by this schedule, but I do keep to the feedings pretty strictly. ( Mostly because a little one will make sure I do) This works well for us, I would love to hear any fun ideas and activities that you love to entertain your little ones! 


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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