A Cold Rainy Friday

Tuesday night Michael and I were sitting on the couch talking about our day and watching the weather. (And if you know us that is 95% of what we watch) Michael looks at Friday's weather and it was suppose to be raining all day. He suggests that we have his office over for a house warming party at lunch. (Since they work in construction raining days in the winter are not as busy) He has been talking about doing this for quite some time, but no day really worked out. I agreed, being the wonderful wife I am, that Friday would be a perfect day. (On the inside, I am thinking that is only 2 and a half days away!!!) 

 On Wednesday I spent the whole day planning and shopping. I went back and forth about what to serve: BBQ, Mexican theme, chili, or soup? I decided to do soup for lunch. I mean who doesn't want soup on a cold rainy day? 

Thursday was the big cooking day. I chopped, diced, cooked, baked and cleaned for hours! Which normally would not be so time consuming, but with a five month old it became a little more chalenging. I had to make sure she wasn't feeding when I was suppose to take something out the oven or using cleaning chemicals while she was close. 

Friday morning came so quickly and I immediately began decorating. If any of you know my cousin Heidi Rew and her blog Parties For Pennies she became my inspiration. (Side note: She is one of the most talented women I know! She cooks, decorates, organizes and all while serving our Lord! You must go check out her blog!) I moved around some furniture, ironed table cloths, lit candles, and found some really cute labels to put in front of the food. 

Ok here was the menu:
SoupsCheeseburger Soup & Chicken Chili
BreadsBeer Bread & Cornbread
Toppings- Saltine Crackers, Sour Cream, Mexican Cheese, & Corn Chips.
DessertChocolate Chip Cookies & Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Drinks- Sweet Tea & Water

I am glad to say that the lunch turned out wonderful! Michael works with a wonderful group of people and we are so fortunate to have them in our lives! 

Sadly I did not take any pictures of the spread I will leave you this picture of the sweetest baby to make up for it!


  1. What a woman! I wish I had been there to give you a hand. Baby Grace is looking so much older. Are you sure she is only 5 months old? She looks as if she could help with lunch. Here, here for Heidi, too! Love you

    1. I wish you could have been here too! It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it, I think everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.


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