I just realized last night while I was lying in bed, that Grace is almost 5 months old! I can not believe how quickly time flies! 

As you know we just recently moved to a new town, which we really love! The difficult part of moving to a new town for me is finding a new church. We have visited five different churches. I learned a few years ago that there is no perfect church. Which until a few years ago I naively thought there was such thing as a perfect church. Out of these five churches, three of them have a lot of great qualities! I wish we could mesh them together, sadly we can not. I do not think our new town will officially feel like "home" until we find a church. I know that God has the right church out there for us, we are just anxiously waiting from Him. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we embark on this new journey. 

Here is Grace waiting to go to church on Sunday. I know I am her mom, but is she not the cutest!

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  1. I am praying for you and your church find. Love you


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