Another Weekend

We keep having the best weekends! This weekend was split into "girl time" and "guy time". Grandmommy, Aunt Callie and Aunt Karen came to Anderson for a visit! "Girl time" began with a new book from Grandmommy and some book time while we were waiting on Aunt Karen to get here.

Grace loves her Aunt Callie!

Once Aunt Karen got here we had some good food and a lot of good conversation! 

Callie and I went for a good run on Saturday, right before it began to SNOW! (It only lasted a little bit, but it was still pretty) Grandmommy had warm, yummy chili ready for us when we got back! Sadly, they had to leave on Saturday, but it was still so fun!

"Guy time" was spent in the mountains with brothers and friends. Michael LOVES to be anywhere there is snow! 

We are so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends!
It is always hard to say goodbye to the weekend, but thankfully there is another one right around the corner!


  1. Great blog post! Baby Grace is so pretty.

  2. she has soo much hair! Love her bows too, they look so adorable on her!

    1. Thanks Jen! (Thank goodness she has my hair and not her daddy's ;))

  3. Your daughter has the most beautiful smile! In that picture of her on the quilt, you can totally see what she's going to look like as a teenager. You're in trouble, mama! ;)

    PS, for some reason I can only comment as "unknown". This is Jen from

    1. Thanks Jen for stopping by! I am crazy about your blog!!! Grace is a little cutie and smiles all the time! I know I am going to have my hands full!


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