New Things We Have Tried...

Guess who has a tooth?!?! Thats right!!! Grace has her first tooth!!! So far she has been a perfect teether. You really would not even know she is teething. Of course this is just the first tooth, so I might regret saying this one day. 

We have been trying some new things though...

Grace has her first sippy cup It took a couple hours for her to figure out how to get the water to come out, but once she did, she did not stop drinking. I just keep putting a couple ounces of water in it for her to drink and learn. I was really impressed with how quickly she picked it up. I just bought this cup from Target because it was one sale. Anyone have a favorite that they want to share?

Grace tried fruit for the first time too! She loved it! Since she was teething I bought some Food Feeders.  We put a few grapes in the nets and she knew what to do immediately! Lets just say it was a success and we will be using these a lot in the future!

One of Grace's friends gave her some teethers and she double fits these! It is so cute! She will gnaw on these for quite some time. 

We have also been exploring puffs. I can say she tolerates them. She would rather just carry them around in her hands them sit there and really eat them. 

Everyday is a new day with this little one, and I can not wait to see what is in store for tomorrow!!!


  1. I've been meaning to try sippy cups with Christian! This post makes me think he may be ready too lol!! :)

    1. Grace really loves drinking the water. It keeps her busy for a while! Since I wrote this I went and got another type of cup ( ) She likes this a lot better! I was worried with the straw cup that she would poke herself in the eye!


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