Month 8-9 Schedule

Our schedule has been pretty consistent. We had the same schedule for months 4-7 and when Grace turned 8 months old I was a little hesitant to switch things up because we had a good thing going, but I really wanted to drop a nursing session so it had to be changed. This is our new schedule:

6:30- Our day begins when Grace wakes up. She is so sweet when she wakes up! She will play and sing in her crib really until one of us gets up to get her. During the week Grace's daddy will wake up when she does and put her in her bouncy seat in our bathroom and let her play while he gets ready.

7:30- Nurse

8:00- I pump to have milk for her cereal or anything else she will need it for.

8:45- Baby Food. This is Grace's first solid food for the day.

9:30- Nap. This nap could be 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hrs. This is my blogging, cleaning, folding, vacuuming, and dishes time. I attempt to get as much done as I can before she beings to sing :)

11:00- Nurse

11:15- Run. I pack up Grace in the jogging stroller and head out. I usually fix grace a little snack and sippy cup with water for her to have while we are out.

12:45- Baby Food. Grace eats more solid food and I grab lunch while she is eating too! I love sitting down at the table with my little girl.

1:45- Nap. This nap varies from 30 minutes to 2 hrs.

3:15- Nurse.

5:30- Baby Food. Last solid food for the day.

7:15- Bath Time. Grace loves baths and could literally stay in there as long as I would let her.

7:30- Nurse. She usually will nurse to sleep, but if not I will put her in her crib around 8:00.

8:00- Bedtime.

Of course the only thing I did not mention is PLAY TIME! We play any chance we get! 

Now it is Mommy and Daddy time!


  1. ahh a 7:30 morning is WAY to early for us haha!! We go to bed super late though, we should probably get on a normal people schedule. Love her little face in the one through the bars! shes like "oh hey mom"!!

  2. Thank you! She does wake up like that just happy to see me, but almost sometimes as if "why are you here?"


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