What Grace is getting for Christmas!

I have literally been shopping all year for Grace's Christmas presents. I want to make it special for her, but I also do not want to spend a lot of money. Here is what will be under the tree for her on Christmas morning!

Corn-Popper: A few months ago I found this on sale for $5 and she loves dragging things around, so I am counting on this being a big hit!

B. Meowsic Keyboard: Grace loves music! She breaks out dancing at any sound of music. This little keyboard plays tunes and also different instrument, so when it went on sale for $20 dollars at Target I snatched it up!

Chunky Wooden Puzzle: I constantly look at all the adds on Sunday for all the stores. When Toys R US had their puzzles buy one get one free I immediately thought Christmas. Grace loves putting things together and doesn't currently have any puzzles. 

Melissa & Doug Wooden Puzzle: This is the other puzzle I bought.

NC State Pillow Case Dress: Of course all girls love clothes! I had to add one of my pillowcase dresses to wrap under the tree.

What will be under your tree?
PS- Don't tell Grace :)


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