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I know it has been a long time since I have written and given you a weekly menu. I still have been writing a weekly menu for myself, just not sharing... Partly because I have been lazy, also because I did not know if anyone was benefitting? Please let me know if these are posts you want me to continue? Thank you.

Salmon- This is a new recipe and I am excited to see how it turns out!
Zucchini and onions- We have made this recipe before and absolute love it!
Pancakes- I usually use this recipe instead of buying a mix. It is really easy and tastes great!
Meatball Subs-We have made this recipe before and is excellent and SUPER easy!
Chicken Tetrazzini- This is a Pioneer Woman's recipe and you can never go wrong with her dishes!
Sausage Gravy- Recipe

Enjoy! I hope this will help you out and make your life a little easier and maybe help you get out of the recipe rut!


  1. ooo! Yummy! I defnitely am going to try out the sausage gravy recipe! My husband LOVES biscuits and gravy and I made some from a package last weekend and they were not good...way too salty! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are very welcome! We love this recipe and always make when we have company! Only comment it too peppery, so add a little to taste!

  2. Hon, I have never made pancakes from anything other than a box! Good for you! Now I need to find one that is gluten free.
    I told you I just made the beer bread recipe that you had on an earlier blog didn't I? It was a hit. I couldn't eat it, and it was almost gone after the meal! I did taste it though. It was delicious.


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