The Fence is Complete!

Our beautiful fence is finally complete! We (Michael) finished it Saturday night!

And this is how Grace feels about it... Just Kidding! 

We are overjoyed with how it turned out! I think it is very nice looking. Doesn't distract you or cut us off and matches well with the style we are going for. (rustic)

Addis has already spent a lot of hours in her new "room". 

We are so happy that today is the first day of spring and we are loving the weather that came along! 

(you can read more about our fence here and here)


  1. I am so tickled it is finished! Michael once again is amazing!

    1. He is amazing! Now Addis can have her friends over :)

    2. Sam can't wait to visit! Me either - love you, Grandma

  2. Thought about that already. Bama can come next time too!


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