Bye-Bye Paci

Two week without paci complete. 

We have been reluctantly putting off taking away Grace's paci for months. I was really the reason why she still had her paci. We just had such a great system and routine. She never cried to fall asleep, she was a trooper when we traveled and I did not want to rock the boat. 

We waited until we knew we were not traveling for a while and a Friday night wide open. Michael and I put her down that first night, rented a movie and popped the popcorn and set in for a long night. To our surprise it was effortless. The next few nights were really easy minus the early mornings. Grace usually would find her paci in the early morning and sooth herself back to sleep. We have had some early mornings, (4am to be exact) but for the most part I am glad we finally pulled the plug. (yes pun intended!)

In the beginning Grace did not want to take the paci. We pretty much just held it in her mouth for a couple months to help her fall asleep. 

Then we found "the" paci that she liked. Then Grace not only took a paci, but LOVED her paci. She would have it in her mouth ALL the time if I would let her.

Then around 13 months we took the paci away and told her it had to stay in her crib until bedtime. This worked for a while and almost immediately after putting it in her mouth she would fall asleep. This worked beautifully for me! Until... she would sneak it out of her crib and hide it from me. Thats when I knew it had to go!

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  1. It is much easier to take away when they are still in the crib. Good job.


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