25 Weeks

 This picture was taken up in Hendersonville after hanging out at the Apple Festival. We desperately needed to cool off!

Weight: 18 lbs. Rapidly increasing on the scale, and it shows in the belly! It really seems like it just popped out this week! I am now completely wearing all maternity clothes (minus a few pairs of running shorts - elastic waistband do wonders)
Sleep: Hips are still hurting, but I am so tired lately I have been able to get in some good sleep. I get my best sleep up until midnight, so I try to go to bed as early as possible to get some good sleep.
Mileage: 2 miles. Not my best week. Have a lot going on and not much of an opportunity to run.
Miss Anything: Just being comfortable. Those days are over, at least for the next 15 weeks.
Cravings: Really salad this week and anything that is cold.
Looking Forward: Christmas! Enough said.


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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