Week 26

 I can't believe that this is the last week in the second trimester! Wow has time flown by! However, I can definitely feel that the end in near. The dreaded braxton hicks began this week, I don't know if it was due to stress or it was just time for them to begin? I am going to be honest for a little bit... this week was extremely difficult because some individuals who I really want to be excited for Emma's arrival have shown zero excitement or interest in her. This literally breaks this pregnant momma's heart. I know I should not let things get to me, but I can not help it. I guess not only when difficult times hit, but also when the best times hit you find out who really loves you. Thankfully I have a wonderful group of friends who have been very generous and loving and excited for us!

Weight: 13 lbs. Christmas and Grandma's cooking did not do me any favors this week.
Sleep: This week was a little different because we were out of town for two nights. So I have have good nights and bad nights. Emma does like to start kicking right as I lay down though. She is getting stronger everyday!
Miss Anything: I miss feeling comfortable. It doesn't matter what I am wearing or the way I am laying of sitting being completely comfortable no longer exists. Believe me I am NOT complaining! I love knowing that our precious little girl is growing and getting stronger.
Cravings: Really the only this this week has been anything to drink besides water. I am so over just drinking water. I try not to drink things with caffeine or a lot of sugar such as juice, but this week I just had to drink something besides water.
Looking Forward: I am looking forward to officially saying we are on the home stretch!


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