Pregnant Brain

I consider myself a neat freak, a person who loves routines, a relatively experienced mom, and a lover of nap time! Yesterday I finally had a morning at home with just me and my kidos (because I have been out and about due to student teaching). We jumped right back into our Tuesday routine of story time at our local library. Grace looks forward to Tuesday every week, secretly I dread it because David Michael makes sure I don't get a chance to stay still, but it is completely worth it! After story time we had to make a Target run ( by the way "had" is not a very strong word). We picked up a few things off our list and a few things that weren't on the list as well. Then we headed home to eat lunch. After lunch I was so ready to sit down in the peace and quiet for a little bit. Well I quickly put down Grace and then David Michael to walk upstairs and lay down on my bed for a few minutes. To my surprise both kids actually fell asleep! I was able to work on some school work, watch a little Pioneer Woman, and tackle the dishes; which in my mind is a perfect nap time! Grace woke up first and ran into David Micheal's room and yells, "Baby not have a diaper on". My mind races back to as I was laying him down and I decided not to put his pants back on... why? I don't know? Did I not think that by making that choice I was asking for it? So I slowly walk in to see his sheets and everything in his bed soaked with pee. I immediately thought, Yes I dodged a bullet, no poop! As I pull him out of his crib diaperless, that is when the poop begins... a trail of poop on the crib, carpet, me, him all the way to the bathroom. Grace immediately asks, "mom, why baby poop on that floor"? I try to ignore her questions, knowing it was completely my fault. I was the one who did not think before putting him down. All I could do is laugh at the situation. I obviously was NOT thinking or if I was thinking I had my mind on one thing... my bed. 

After being out of the house the last few days, I secretly loved cleaning up everything. I love my kids so incredibly, even when it means I am scrubbing all afternoon. I know my kids will only be little for a short time. I praise the Lord for even the lack of brain power these days, because it means there is a little brain that is growing and more poop stories will be made!

Love these little faces and look forward to everyday with them!


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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