Emma's Birth Story- Part 2

Once Emma was here, I was so relieved and exhausted! My heart was so full! Emma was able to meet her Papa and her Aunt Meme shortly after she was born.

Once we made it to our recovery room, Emma had her first bath; while momma ate a long awaited sandwich!

When we had finally completed all of our tests and recovery, daddy and mommy just wanted to sleep! Unfortunately because Emma went through the birth canal so quickly she did not have time to clear all the amniotic fluid out of her belly. Which made her spit up/cough up amniotic fluid all night. This really worried her mommy; so mommy and daddy took turns staying up all night listening to her and helping her clear the fluids.

The next morning Emma's big sister and big brother were able to come and meet their baby sister for the first time!

Grace immediately latched onto Emma and was the sweetest thing! She wanted to hold her and not let go. Emma began crying and Grace on her own began singing Jesus Loves Me to her. This brought tears to her mother's eyes! I am so blessed!

David Michael also was immediately in love with his baby sister! He "pets" her constantly. He also gives her kisses all the time. The interaction between my three kids is the sweetest thing!


Michael, Emma and myself stayed one more night in the hospital and returned home Saturday before lunch. We were greeted home that day by: Papa, Aunt Rara, Aunt Callie (and friend), Aunt Meme, Uncle Justin, Aunt Jessica, Cousin Luke, and Cousin Aveley.

That evening was exhausting, but we were glad to be home!

"We sing for joy at what Your hands have done" - Psalm 92:4

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Photo Credit: Rebekah Cross


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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