Need A Little Advice- Part 2

A few months ago I posted that I needed a little advice. Since then I have become a little more mommy smart. Here is what I have learned...

1. Infant Spoons- I stumbled across a coupon for buy one get one free on infant spoons! SCORE! That is how I made my decision on which spoons to buy. We ended up getting the Munchkin colorful infant spoons. Grace really could careless what I feed her with as long as I am feeding her!

2. Highchair- For the time being our wonderful and gracious neighbors are letting us use a an activity seat. This is working out well to feed her and for her to play. It even attaches to a chair so she can sit at the table and eat with us. I am still actively looking for a wooden highchair, so if you see one please let me know!

3. Umbrella Stroller- I have not purchased one yet, however, I am waiting for one to go on sale when it gets a little warmer and will grab one up!

4. Sippy Cups- One of my very good friends has instructed me to only buy the straw sippy cups, because it is better for their speech development. I completely trust and respect her advice and will be buying one that is cheap and on sale soon!

5. Cereal- I ended up buying Beechnut rice cereal. She has never really loved eating it, but it helps her sleep at night. I continue to give her a little mixed with her evening baby food.

6. Teethers- Grace is still not teething. I know when the time comes that I will get anything that works! 

I hope this might help some of you mommys. If you have anymore advice for me please let me know, I love learning from experienced moms!


  1. wow i never knew that!! I heard Zoli straw sippy cups were awesome they are on amazon for like 11$ I think!!

    1. Yeah my friend who is a Speech Pathologist told me that. She is really good and knowledgable. She also has a 1 yr old, her blog address is if you want to check it out! I will definitely look into those cups. I am not really sure when to give her one???? But I thought I should start looking.


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