Our Schedule With 3

I have to be honest... having three, three and under has been incredibly more difficult that I ever imagined! Thankfully, we have adjusted to our "normal". 

Those that know me know that I am a type A kind of a person and I function best on a schedule. Our schedule is pretty rigid, but that is what works best for us. 

My day begins:

1am- Emma wakes up for her first feeding of the day. She is a pretty quick eater and once she finishes eating I hold her upright for 30 minutes, because of her reflux, and then lay her down to sleep in the pack n play in our room.

4am- Emma's second feeding of the day. I just repeat the same thing that we do at 1am.

7am- Grace and David Michael are up waiting for us to come get them out of their rooms. We all eat breakfast, momma tries to squeeze in a shower before daddy leaves, Emma gets her third feeding of the day and I pump the extra to save for a rainy day.

8am- My crazy bunch and I are outside beating the heat for a walk. Grace and David Michael walk the driveway, while I push Emma. We try to play outside until David Michael takes his first nap of the day.

9:30am- David Michael takes a short nap and Grace colors and paints.

9:45am- Emma eats again.

10:15am- David Michael gets up from his nap and we go downstairs to play in the playroom until lunch.

12pm- lunch

1pm- The big kids go down for a nap. Grace usually does not nap, but has to have at least an hour of quiet time in her room. Emma eats again. Then typically after some holding time Emma will fall asleep and this momma can have a little time to herself, it doesn't happen everyday, but if all the stars are aligned haha then I might get 30 minutes or so.(which is usually consumed by laundry, dishes, mopping etc.)

2:30-3pm- Everyone is up for the remainder of the day. We might head back outside, or play in the playroom.

4:30pm- Dinner prep begins. Sometimes I am able to work on dinner during nap time. David Michael begins to grown hangry (hungry & angry) around 5pm. I try not to let my kids snack much during the day because otherwise they will not eat their dinner.

5:15-5:30pm- Dinner!

6:00pm- Either back outside for a walk after dinner or playroom time.

7:00pm- Emma's final feeding for the day.

7:30pm- Bedtime routine begins. Jammies are on, books are read, family worship and goodnight for Grace and David Michael.

8:00pm- Emma gets a bath every night as part of her routine.

8:30-9pm- Emma is out! Now time to clean up the house, exercise, shower and go to bed!

I know this is quite a schedule, but it is the only way I function!

It is really interesting for me to look back and see how our schedule has changed with the addition of each child. (Schedule with 1- here; Schedule with 2- here)


Hi! I'm Katie. Wife to Michael. Mom to Grace, David Michael & Emma. Christ Follower. Runner. Stay at home mommy.
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