Our Christmas Tree

Ever since we got married we made a tradition of the Saturday after Thanksgiving driving to the mountains and picking out our Christmas tree! (You can check out our hunt last year here and our tree here

We look forward to this time every year. We always go to the same wonderful Christmas tree farm. They have the best looking trees, best prices, wonderful FREE apple cider, marshmallows for the kids to roast by the fire and great service. 

We were unable to see Grace's Uncle Oliver and Aunt Callie on Thanksgiving so we made a little detour on our way to the mountains to see two people we love greatly!

( I think she loves her Aunt Callie)

I think I was looking forward to taking Grace to pick out a tree more than I was looking forward to eating our Thanksgiving meal. And you know I love to eat! When we arrived at the farm Grace immediately started running through the trees. She was having the time of her life.

It was so cold that day, but she showed no sign of discomfort only pure joy and excitement!

She really was looking at all the trees and touching them just like her daddy.

Sunday was all about decorating! Michael is our expert Christmas decorator. Anything he touches can be made beautiful and festive. 

In keeping with the tradition we began last year, Grace put the star on top of the tree.

Grace was a little worn out however after decorating all morning.

Now for wrapping presents!


  1. Funnest tradition!! And that tree farm sounds amazing!
    I love the picture of her napping with her bum in the air :) Mia would totally tear up her tutu if I let her wear one to sleep in!

    1. It is awesome! Which is why we have been going for the last 6 years! Grace loves her tutu and wants to wear it! Thanks for stopping by!


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